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Try Taiwan. They are very accepting of homosexuality and woke-ness/trans stuff seem relatively unknown or unpopular there.

Or Israel. It's pretty first world and homosexuality seems accepted there.

One more option I can think is Thailand. Butch/gnc women are really common and seem widely accepted/tolerated when I visited the country. They are even more common than feminine gay men. There's however a lot of transwomen but they seem to be attracted only to men aka former gay blokes who transitioned so not really a threat to lesbians. Strangely, transmen seems rarer than/uncommon compared to transwomen in Thailand. Furthermore, queer theory and other woke crap are not popular or trendy there. The Thai locals and most other Asians don't seem to even know what woke culture is or followed them. Moreover, catcalling and hitting on women is heavily frowned upon here by the public, so you don't have to worry about dudes trying to harass you if you hold hands with your gf or some other girl. Lesbians also aren't fetishized by males there like in the West. One negative stuff though is despite all of that, gay marriage is still not recognized in Thailand.

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I can cofirm that Taiwan is an amazing place for lesbians 🤩

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Reading this comment I have a sudden desire to go to Taiwan.

In some ways I think gay marriage in certain places was kind of a mistake. It made homosexuals equal on paper so LGB became irrelevant, therefore cutting off all the funding to LGB orgs, so they had to invent TQ opression to stay relevant. I mean it's nice that homosexuals can get married but is marriage even that great? What is the real difference between marriage and a civil partnership? Idk, I live in a country where gay marriage won't ever be legal and I don't see the big deal.

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Same feeling exactly. It was like “ok gays, you have your marriage, bye now!” lmao. And yeah, who needs marriage really? I mean government benefits can be nice, but marriage has always seemed like such a hetero thing anyway 🤔.

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You have decided it for me—when I do move, it will be to Taiwan. This is perfect, thank you. Goodbye ‘murica 👌

Thailand and Israel also good to know. I am glad there are options. The world seems like a better place now 😂

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This makes me want to visit Taiwan.