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Are you serious?

At least be honest with her. I doubt you'd like it if someone decided to only go on a date because you asked.

Just say, "I'd like to get to know you first as a friend before there is any romantic feelings involved".

I just read that you're teenagers. Makes a lot more sense now.

Word of advice, don't do things you don't want to. Don't feel bad for not feeling anything for someone. If you're honest, and they're still interested, go for it. If anything it could be a new friend. If they don't want to, cool at least you didn't lead her on.

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Well, do you think it's possible you might eventually develop feelings for her? It's only one date, it's not like you have to be her girlfriend if the date doesn't go well.

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I concur with all other posters, and you're teenagers but...I have to say the flowers thing is a red flag. I would tread really carefully with her if I were you. Or, she could just be a really socially unskilled teenager...still, I would have never seen myself doing something like that, even as a teen.

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giving flowers is a red flag now? lmao okay

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If there's any chance you may develop an interest in her after getting to know her better, I don't see the big deal about going out on one date and deciding whether or not to pursue it further after that - and I would not worry about potential awkwardness, almost all first dates are at least a little awkward.

That said, her buying you flowers is a bit much just to ask you out, and in no way obligates you to go out with her. So if you're really dead set against it, you could just tell her sorry, but you've been thinking it over and you've dealt with secret relationships before and don't want to go through with it again.