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Based on a thread by one of the admins apparently it was a billing issue, lol. They were indisposed due to personal reasons for a short while so everyone started panicking and thinking it was taken down do to a death threat or hate speech. Seeing all the wild theories from everyone was kind of entertaining. But I was worried we would lose this space if it had been something more serious.

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A billing issue? That was it??? It does make more sense than those other theories, though. If it was hate speech or death threats, they could have just removed the evil clowns without shutting down the whole circus. But given how every other LGB forum ends up getting shut down, we had every reason to freak out.

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My only time going outside of this/other gay subs (or whatever they're called on SaidIt) found the rest of the site is VERY misogynistic, racist and right wing.

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Sounds like my former high school classmates on Facebook.

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Glad to see it back up.

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I heard the same thing. I went over to Ovarit but you need a code to participate.