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I agree that its likely a combination of things that lead to homosexuality, but I also think it doesn't matter. Whether people are 'born that way' or not it's not a choice. The idea that one can choose to be a lesbian implies that you can choose not to be a lesbian. It makes being a lesbian some political standpoint or belief.

The way she writes this makes it sound like she is bisexual, I don't know if that is true, I don't know much about her. She may be a lesbian and really does view it as a choice, in the sense that you can choose whether to live as a lesbian or stay in the closet and live as if you were heterosexual. I'm speculating on what she means a bit because I'm honestly a little confused by how she is defining choice.

Either way I don't agree with her viewpoint and I think saying you can choose to be a lesbian is damaging to lesbians.

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Born This Way is the only sane and correct with what we observe approach. Eventual social factor my change self-identification and life choices, suppression of desires, but not change sexual orientation. As for now, there is not one social factor identified, that my change sexual orientation. So the only people with "modifiable" orientation are bisexuals. People, who promote idea, that sexual orientation is a choice or something changeable in life are right-winger homophobe like types and self-hating bi-het redfems. Bot are harmful to lesbians, but I would argue that now the second even more. There is no difference between claiming, that a man can become a woman and claiming that any woman can become a lesbian. Bi-het, who identify as lesbians fetyshize us and see us as a tool to act in spite of men and society in general. For them a lesbian is not an inborn trait, but political statement, something a woman do to make men behave properly. They treat us purely as an instrument to get even with men and hide behind our trousers to make changes in society, that will favor bi-het women in relationship with men. In the meantime they are wrecking havoc in lesbians life. At least if a man identify as a woman, he is easy visible. In case of political lesbians, one needs more time to recognize them and kick out of the life. I also don't see why "Born this why" contradict pride. We are not proud because we are homosexual, but because we don't buy into homophobic bs or overcome it. An it is ironic when self hating and ashamed of their sexual orientation bisexual and heterosexual women are lecturing us about pride.

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I admire Julie Bindel and I think a lot of the stuff in this article is thought provoking, but she really lost me with the last line that "Every woman can be a lesbian – but it’s fine if they choose not to be." Maybe I'm misunderstanding her, because earlier in the article she seems to acknowledge that heterosexuality exists.