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Week went well! Just went back to work after two weeks off because of an injury that made it near impossible to do my job properly, so I'm happy to be back and moving around again. The only thing I want to do now is enjoy the air conditioner and my couch for my one day off.

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I joined the new lesbian app, club monocle. So I'm excited about that. It's still new so it's not very active but I'm happy to see an exclusive lesbian space and hope it takes off

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Tell us what it's like! I was going to download it, but was waiting until I heard more about it.

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It's still very new so it's not that active yet, but it's got a posting section called treehouse, kind of like here or reddit, you can upvote or downvote and comment on posts. There is a section where you can post pictures, kind of like Instagram. You can comment on or like the pictures. There will be a dating section though it's not up yet. While there isn't a ton of content yet I like the set up and the aesthetic. The woman who made the app is also taking feedback. She is very nice and open to criticism but she also has made it clear it's a place for homosexual woman and she isn't budging on that.

There is a six months free trial period after that there will be a monthly subscription, apparently to have it be a private exclusive club there has to be a membership fee. I think in order to have a truly exclusive space especially for dating it's worth the price, but you can try it out before you have to pay.

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I am currently in the middle of packing all my things to move out next week haha

... I keep getting distracted. 😅