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I just checked it once again. Lots of "inclusive" folks participate in it as well.

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Mixed feelings, it has a fair amount of actual lesbians on it, but there are times where everyone has to tread carefully not to say the wrong thing. Probably the best you can get on reddit, but it feels like there are times the mods prioritize the feelings of transwomen over being able to talk about being homosexual.

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I think it's a waste of time but it's pretty good for reddit.

Your username is awesome btw!

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Yeah, true. I'm just hopeful that someday we will get a space which truly belongs to only lesbians. Sometimes I like to think of it as, we are the rare true lesbians that have been exiled from the mainstream platform and young lesbians should come seeking us, to dethrone the imposters who call themselves lesbians.

Thanks. :) It's something I made up when I realised that REM phase completion is important to get a satisfying sleep.

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It's something I made up when I realised that REM phase completion is important to get a satisfying sleep.

Interesting. I know REM is important, but what's the significance of completing a phase? My understanding is that we can typically only recall dreams when an REM phase is interrupted, which, if true, kinda makes me a fan of curtailed REM.

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Hmm, for me, I realised that when my sleep gets disrupted during the REM phase, I feel groggy and tired throughout the day. Maybe because the phase as a whole doesn't get completed. As you said, one can remember the dreams too. I don't like the dreams I get because the dreams in REM are more inclined towards processing emotions. I'm going through some taxing emotional situation these days, that's also a reason I don't feel well mentally if I remember the dreams that I had. I have friends like you, who like to have a disrupted REM to better recall their dreams and still feel fresh.

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    Neither of the mods are trans, you might be thinking of lesbianactually

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    Woah, really? Who? I recently joined their discord server, to test waters. Seems alright, no trans stuff there.

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    Can't we make a discord server of our own? What are the inhibitions?

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    I haven't been to ActuallyLesbians in awhile. I find that OlderLesbians is the sub that actually has the most real lesbians.