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Over on Ovarit they said there was a big drama-fueled argument and the mod went nuclear and locked the sub down permanently.

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I looked at the archives, and I don't understand why the mod would shut it down over a few arguments. Maybe I missed something. That sucks! It was so active there, unlike this sub. There is a new sub called lgb_discussions. I'm hoping that one can grow.

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To be honest, I'm suspicious of what went down and wonder if there's more to it. I feel that the recent influx of screenshots from Ovarit, accusing radfems of being racist and homophobic, was just plain weird. The whole thing felt strange, and I was surprised that the mod defended those posts. I may be way off, but I can't help but feel something odd happened behind the scenes - to completely lock the sub instead of giving it to other mods seems like an overreaction for sure.

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    No problem, I got you. Check your messages.

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    Can you shoot me one l? Lost my account

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    It is private. I'm still unclear about what exactly happened, but it seemed like the issue is with other bad actors on Saidit. There have been a couple of homophobic users harassing DropTheT for a while now-- and it looks like things finally came to a head, of some sort...?

    If you are looking for LGB content, I still mod s/LGBmemes and have no plans to make it private. There's not much discussion... but there are memes, lol.

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        I 100% agree with the points you made (and although I didn't read most of that thread, I think your characterization of it is accurate as well).

        To add to what you wrote: I think the issue with the sub, is that some people are going on there to take Poster A's position in a bad-faith manner, simply to sow division among the group-- perhaps even similarly to what happened to s/lesbians a while back...? That is my best current understanding of the situation.

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          But I still don't see why the saidit itself has been locked down. It's a shame because there was some good discussion and information sharing.

          But definitely bad faith sh*t-stirrers are a possibility.

          It is absolutely because of bad-faith shit-stirrers.

          (Daily mail article comment sections are absolutely full of comments from men like this.)

          Yup. I totally know what you're talking about and I've seen those.

          So yes there have been some people who post on LGBdroptheT that I vehemently disagree with. But it is a shame that the sub has gone, because I think that there was a lot of good discussion.

          Completely agree! I am really sad about the change... it'll be harder for people to access an LGB community this way. But unfortunately, it seems necessary.

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          There have been a couple of homophobic users harassing DropTheT for a while now

          Which users? I'm really curious what's the scoop. Drama can be kind of fun and silly but that was the last place for us and now its gone. I didn't even get to post.

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          Not sure it's been like that for several hours I messaged the moderator, hopefully it's just a temporary thing to clean some stuff up or something.

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          The drama there is very unfortunate, I hope things get ironed out soon.

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          I haven't been on Saidit in a good long while (it gets too depressing sometimes) so I'm very late to this party.

          Has anyone been successful in requesting an invitation for the sub or is it under complete lockdown? I just sent one and am waiting to hear back. I think the saddest part to me is that I can't look at old comments/saved posts from that sub since it's where I spent most of my time whenever I do pop over to Saidit :(.