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I Love Letters to the Editor.

With respect to the Carole Elmore’s letter to the editor March 9 ("GOP defense before God"), God's word tells us we will know a person by their fruit. A person who wants to free or reduce penalty for adult murders so that they can be released back into society to repeat their crimes, but still want to kill unborn babies by abortion for convenience. God knows these babies from conception.

The Democratic Party has been using give-away programs during my entire life to buy votes, by keeping people dependent on the government programs. God’s word is clear that one should not eat who are not willing to work for their needs. As a person who has been around close to 81 years I look forward to standing before God. I believe that there is change showing up in the people who have been held down by those give away programs. There seems to be concern in the liberals of the falling away from their ideals by people of color. Why else do they want to open the flood gates for illegal immigrants and to reduce the voting age to 16 years of age? Children don’t know enough at that age to vote.

Those two issues along with the liberals wanting to give back the right vote to the criminals. If they had their way, there would be a drop box on every corner to fill with votes for their candidates as many times as they wanted.

I fear for our nation because of the situation we are in today. I can’t remember at any time before, the need of the vice president to stand so close by, to keep the president straight. He has a lot of problems keeping his liberal ideals straight. IS THERE A PROBLEM?

Laymon E. Dishon, Grahams Forge