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He seems to hate rich people.

The sending out of covid relief checks is a boondoggle if ever there was one. "Let's just send a bunch of people a bunch of money because a bunch of people have been unemployed because of a bunch of government shot-in-the-dark efforts to fight the covid virus."

Take this young couple I know: were never unemployed, just added on to the home they own on a couple of acres and put in a nice paved driveway, three vehicles on that new drive, earned upwards of $140,000 last year--not bad in Arkansas. Believe me when I say they did not need the money. They got a check for $8,400 because they have four children. Then another person I know, 94 years old and living on minimal Social Security, got zip. Now what is up with that?

The gubmint really can't afford to be sending anybody a check for any amount, much less billions of dollars to millions of people, many of whom, to be honest, probably don't need it either--all the while sending people who could use a few bucks nothing. Just another example of how said gubmint is hard at work ruining a perfectly good nation. They should go ruin China or North Korea instead.