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So the police and military are just socialist bullies for the government, most of them have low IQs and poor character,

Jack booted thugs.

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The Fascist government was actually more capitalist, less warlike and more tolerant than the USA.

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Boot boys for the corporate state to be sure. But damn dude, I know some fine, upstanding men that are cops, and they act like that on duty too.

Bit of a broad brush is all I'm saying. Still, I agree with the sentiment.

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Nope, doesn't matter. Police are punished for good behavior, their job is inherently criminal and their presence a presumed threat. Lots of soldiers are nice guys, but when you put on that uniform and march into another country you have nothing to complain about if you get shot in the face. Cops are a domestic occupation army, period, they're all bad and fuck your friends.

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I never said they were my friends. I couldn't be friends with a cop. And for the record I dislike cops. Most of my interactions have been unpleasant and alot of them unnecessary. But to say they are all bad is beyond ridiculous, and what you just said is a bit hyperbolic, when the shit hits the fan they are going home to protect shit, not fucking with you. Cops that is, soldiers, different story. There are drastic differences in rural forces and urban forces. You're speaking in absolutes here. But yeah man, I love the anger, let it rage inside you.