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I am in favor of rank, property and rampant inequality

How is that Libertarian? Aren't we trying to do away with such authority and governing?

The ‘left’ we have today is essentially a return to primitive Christianity, it is gnostic (against the external world and wealth, against power and order), egalitarian (there is no Jew or Greek, male or female), and apocalyptic (muhClimateChange!)

That is the last thing they are. All they care about is making their pockets bigger and controlling everyone and everything and gaining power. They are the ones controlling the media and silencing dissent. They are the ones who determine what is acceptable or not acceptable, what people hear and don't do, what is allowed and isn't allowed. They are anything but egalitarian, half of them want to exterminate men! And as for order, they want to make slaves of white people. If they had it their way they'd run us like North Korea. And if your explanation for why they hate Christianity were true, would they not despise Islam 10 times more so (I am not accusing Muslims of anything, but by the left's rule of judging a faith by its worst people, Islam has far more terrorism and evil; perhaps simply because they have absolute power in many countries whereas the fake Christians do not, though they desperately want it).

the anti-world, anti-family, anti-children Gnostic loser cults that the Romans and Catholics rightfully persecuted with fire and sword.

Rightfully?! I must ask, do you consider yourself libertarian? Because it is clear that you do not even recognize the right of freedom of expression and religion.

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Aren't we trying to do away with such authority and governing? I'm not. I'm trying to do away with the Weberian monopoly state and legal arbitrariness, interference with free association and contact.

People can express themselves however they want on their property (or no one's). But people have a right to form restrictive covenants and prevent people and ideas they don't want from being perpetuated in them.

You seem like a modal libertarian, who's been brainwashed by Enlightenment rationalism and social atomism. My goal is to destroy these things. I don't give a shit whether you consider that libertarian, because I am interested in ideas and results, not labels and cult dogmas perpetuated y by moralizing midwits.

And while there are status seeking billionaires who push lefty dogmas, it absolutely is a variant on Christianity and the trash losers who push it exactly match my description. Again, I really don't give a shit of you agree. I am not interested in trying to convert people, I am interested in talking to people who know what I'm talking about already.

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Then how did the Romans "rightfully" persecute Christians on their own property? Or is libertarianism for me but not for thee?

I don't give a shit whether you consider that libertarian, because I am interested in ideas and results

That sounds extremely authoritarian.

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christianity ruined roman empire, christianity is opposite of what you say, it promises paradise after death and based on faith alone.