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Capitalism can only perform decently as an economic system if the political system enforces some reasonable degree of socialism.

As, for example, the national socialist party did. It was greatness.

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Collectivism is a retarded idea. No one should want it.

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So basically, the most ruthless asshole who gets the most power should be entitled to enslaving the rest?

Nice mentality bro.

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Wash away your iniquities and obtain gainful employment you collectivist socialist person.

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So you are happy with decreasing wages and encourage the 1% to take even more from the rest and rape-kill-pillage your nation?

That's interesting. Tell me more from your sociopathic tendencies.

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The problem seems to be that you are too retarded to understand that Capitalism is not a complete political system unto itself. Capitalism works just fine under any political system with some amount of private property.

The system this community advocates combines Libertarianism with Capitalism, with the explicit goal of reducing the size and power of government as much as possible. That's why it's Anarcho (without government) Capitalism.

Remember that early 20th century Italy and Germany both combined Capitalism and Socialism. They called their systems Fascism. The results were catastrophic, to say the least. we don't want that.

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Wow, great arguments guys. Full of ad hominems. Great work, good job. I understand everything now.

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But yeah, what shouldnwe do about scum in power both in government and corporate revolving doors that create laws for themselves at the expense of everyone else?

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I don't have a specific plan. The most peaceful resolution I can imagine is starving Washington DC of money by voting in Libertarians and common sense Liberals. There are no Conservatives in America.

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But I thought neoconservatives were the good conservatives? Just Kidding. Are there any classical liberals in congress though, doubtful. I like your idea. It only takes a mass awareness to change things. If an entire population decided to stop paying their taxes, it would be hundreds of millions agaisnt a very small elite minority. Hence, why they have to use fear-mongering, cognitive infiltration and endless propaganda.

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Fuck you Jesus!

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Well you both started off spewing ad hominems. None of that was needed to argue a point. Peace, and I agree with you sawboss. The problem with the fake conservatives today, is that they pretend to want small government when that isn't really the case at all. They have effectively hijacked the principles of conservatism and turned them upside down.

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Remember when the Evangelical lobby were influential among Republicans? Man I miss the days when Republicans sincerely upheld Conservative principles.

I keep hoping we can infiltrate them with Libertarians. You know, people who are GODDAMN SERIOUS about shrinking government, freeing up the private sector, and reducing our military footprint worldwide.

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Their results were FANTASTIC. WTF are you even talking about.

Adolf was Time's man of the year twice because of the economic miracles he worked in post-WW1 Germany. Get your facts straight!

Also, this group is LIBERTARIANISM and this has nothing to do with capitalism or not, and socialism or not.

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Goddamn you really are intellectually diminutive.

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I am glad you feel that way because, after all, you are the one wielding insults as if they were the epitome of wisdom. This must be the sole purview of superior intelligence, undoubtedly.

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I can only assume you aren't affected. If you were, then the smartest action would be to disengage. I'm never going to bow to demands. Fuck you.

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How much kool-aid do you drink bro?

Over the past 60 years, the top 1% has accumulated over 90% of all wealth created in the economy.

Oh and the "bottom 90%" that is, the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY are POORER.

Wait a minute, some dude working 60, 70 hours a week trying to make ends meet is impoverishing himself, while the CEO who is playing golf with his buddies laughing about the idea that "wealth trickles down" gets richer by the minute? And that's fine by you? Dude get your head checked.

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Take a bath and get a job, you undesirable collectivist socialist person.

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Socialism is not incompatible with libertarianism. Actually, the best version of libertarianism is the socialist version. But I'll bet you think socialism is similar to communism. LOL