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Last post was 5 months ago so I'm going to go with inactive, but most people browse by s/all so it doesn't matter which sub you post to as long as it can be seen from the front page.

My father had lyme disease from a tick, then it triggered shingles. Nasty stuff.

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What I was also trying to figure out is what's behind the 19k Readers stat. Whether this place was at one point on fire, or if it is a carryover from the reddit sub. I'm new here and learning the ropes.

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Everyone used to be subscribed to default subs upon joining. There's been several rushes of people here. One of the big ones, before my time, was a YouTuber named Ice Poseidon 2. He got kicked off YouTube because of his content, came here, and this place's server threatened to dump us unless they went. So they went.

This recent thread is relevant, covers some more recent history too.

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Thanks. That thread was helpful, though troubling.

I came here thinking this might be a good place to start a forum on Lyme Disease. I like the reddit software scheme, and I like that downvotes are not supported, since IME they poison any sense of community.

I don't like the drama, though. And now that I think about it, all posts going to /s/all is problematic. It would be better for my purposes if the threads were constrained to an interested Lyme community rather than attract drive-by's.

And in light of the high Readers numbers I had seen throughout the site, I'm shocked to learn there are so few still active.

Food for thought. Be well.

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Subs can be kept off of s/all, and s/all/comments. There's one called something like lgbdropthet (m7 mentioned and linked it a couple days ago) that's pretty active, but separate from the rest of saidit.

If you don't already have a userbase, hiding your sub will make it very difficult to attract users.

As for the drama, I haven't been on a site that lacked drama. It's less here than most other places.

created by Jesus - a community for 3 years

Looks like he doesn't own it anymore. If you're interested, you could check with u/d3rr or m7 to see about becoming the new owner.

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Ok. Thanks for that. I thought I had picked up somewhere than subs could be kept off /s/all. I will give this some thought. Be well.

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I mean if would be a good topic to dive into seeing as the MSM want to push the idea of long covid when other virus have much worse long term effects which are ignored.