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DOn't tell this to the multi million dollar organizations who profit off of Alzheimers. They don't really want a cure, for they'd consider the pathogenic etiology if they did. They don't and never will, at least the CDC and top medical industries.

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Oh shit this is gross. But makes so much sense. Do you have Lyme, Jesus? I do...

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Also, this study proves Alzheimers is largely brain infection based and Plaques are induced by immune system to save your brain from spirochetes borrowing into brain tissue. So, the infection is the root etiology and your own immune system acts as a two edged sword, unfortunately. Curiously, mainstream science does not want to look into the relation between Alzhiemers and brain infection or even acknowledge it.

I'm sorry you have Borreliosis. It was probably weaponized and then covered up by 25 people, mostly Jews workig at the ALDF.

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My diagnosis is based on symptoms, although I was bitten by a tick in Australia. Canadian labs don't (can't) test for Australian variants.

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Australia has other specieis of Borrelia and relasping fever. Most of which have no tests for!

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Yeah it's a mess really, but I figure I suffer from Lyme because my terrain is compromised: I have near-lethal levels of mercury, and very high levels of aliuminum, lead, cadmium, arsenic and others. I'm still wondering where all that shit comes from, since I've been eating organic for the past 15 years.

I had specks of amalgam taken out of my teeth yesterday, tomorrow I'm having the rest done and then I can start chelating.

But yeah the Lyme and Cancer are a sign something is definitely wrong.

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All those heavy metals are in all foods in minute amounts. Maybe detoxification pathways are blocked or inhibted in some way? Cilantro juice, cilantro extract and high dose Alpha Lipoic Acid 600mg - 1800mg a/day is a heavy chelator of murcury but be warned that it can transfer murcury from areas and can causes some neuro issues so you have to do it for months before it can be cleared out, supposedly.

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In my case, what you suggest might kill me or worse. Remember, my numbers are CRAZY HIGH. The technician sort of ran out of the room where I got my tissue mineral analysis to get the doctor right away. Said doctor said, this is the most severe intoxication I have ever witnessed. I never thought I'd see such results.

Yes, my natural detox (and absorption of nutrients) are totally wrecked, by these same metals. I'm going to use the Andy Cutler method, which should let me see some improvements within 6 months, and mostly back to normal within 3 years. Sounds long, but frankly after 14 years of being utterly destroyed, it seems like a piece of cake to me. Looks like I won't be spending the entire rest of my life crippled beyond recognition. Fingers crossed.

We're going to look for the source. It's either the house, our coffee (organic, equitable, but coffee is known to be a leech for heavy metals), or our meat (all natural, sourced from one farm, easily traceable) as I am carnivore or - grasping at straws - our incense. My wife got test results and she has most of the same poisons as I do, only less, and her natural detox processes aren't wrecked like mine.

It'll be interesting to see.

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No, but I know others who do. And I have seen people not recover from it. Lyme is the crime... it should really be called relapsing fever borreliosis. Me in my curiosty started to look into it and found a conspiracy revolving around Lymrix vaccine and covering up chronic Borreliosis through falsifying case definition.

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There is also a problem with the whole idea of this disease, which is founded on microbe medicine while the body functions based on terrain medicine.