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Ooh sweet lord on a skewer. I haven't dabbled with Jungian Typology in a hot minute. I've always teetered on the edge of ENFP and ENTP, but it's more or less ENTP. I understand this has no basis in 'reality' as a sophisticated neuroscientific measurement of ones personality traits but I still think the Myers Briggs test has some validity in it. I don't think there's only 12 different types of people in the world, and the reinforcement of enneagrams further cements the mad hatter idea of an astrological circle.

I remember the late Hitchens remarking that we, as pattern-seeking mammals, choose to hone in on a conspiracy theory than no theory at all. It's a very apposite quote because I find myself, like many others out there, craving meaning from pseudo-intellectualism. That being said, there are still as many clinical psychologists that regard Freud's theory of sexual intimacy residing at the very apex of most problems as there ever were.

Through the lens of my derealised perception and harking back to the pattern-seeking side of us mere primates, I reckon we're in a simulation. I've blurted it out enough times in the chatbox when I've been non-compos mentis. However, I still see beings as random generations and as such our genetic material could also be consolidated to such an extent that we can recognize a 'type' of person as if we're manufactured models. We just haven't reached the sophisticated level of comparing our streams of consciousness (but the singularity will come one day so we'll have a fun run and a bounce off then) to that of a fully programmed and manmade entity.

That was probably a lot of stuttering guff that wasn't interesting but I'm a little toasted and I felt this thread needed a big up.

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this is some shit right here

never read anything as cogent as this on reddit ever

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That was probably a lot of stuttering guff that wasn't interesting but I'm a little toasted and I felt this thread needed a big up.


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You do know that’s completely made up, right? There are no scientific studies to back its accuracy or validity. It’s about as useful as a horoscope. I actually find sun signs more telling.

When I took this in college, I scored XXXP because I knew how to answer all the questions so that I could come out with the response I wanted. “X” means you’re equally balanced between the two choices. I guess I’m in the 0.01%?

Why don’t people just start posting their enneagram numbers?

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Almost all psychology and psychiatry stuff without scientific studies to back its accuracy or validity. The difference is: psychiatrists sell you drugs, I don't.

I view it as philosophy, not science. Who said its science or horoscope?

You can just leave if you dislike it.

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If people get something out of understanding themselves from it, that’s awesome. You have a good attitude about it and I don’t want to insult or argue with you about it.

I’ve just personally met way too many people who are fanatically obsessed with something that can be so easily manipulated. Present company excepted, other modalities tend to have more emotionally mature adherents in my experience.

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Almost all psychology and psychiatry stuff without scientific studies to back its accuracy or validity

That sentence isn't good english, but I assume you are trying to say that there isn't millions of hours of research behind psychology?

I worked as an RA in the institute of psychiatry, the world's leading psychiatric research institute.

There was a lot of science, a lot of carefully designed experiments and your statement is nonsense.

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I can feel this site is full of N type people, although they are not common in real life.

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Agreed. I feel fuck all. I reckon there's mostly INTJs on here. I'd bet my bottom dollar that /u/Jasoncarswell is an INTJ.

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He seems NT, but I am not sure he is INTJ. And I can find many NFs and NPs here.

And I am very sure that /u/magnora7 is a NTJ. /u/d3rr is a NTP.

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Network Time Protocol, that's right. Thou shalt avoid time drift.

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INTP than.

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I'd tell you what I am if I knew. I'll have to take the test someday.

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Don't take the test too serious... I found many people answer the person they want to be, turns out the result is wrong.

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I can definitely see that. I find myself overthinking a lot of the questions too, being stuck in the middle and saying 'it depends', and wishing there was just a little bit more context/information in the question.

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...aaaand this is what I was talking about...

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Wait. The result can be "wrong?" No!

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A mastermind? No.

Close. I'd say I'm an INTP, architect. Though I'd rather take pieces and parts of all of them and apply them on different aspects of my bipolar life than fit in some pre-defined box.

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NP ,obvious now.

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INTJ with a top 99.9999% IQ.

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yes. Me. I'm old, so have spent a long time working on my inferior aspects. I also have aspergers, which might derail judgements.

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You need some help.

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Well, this is interesting.

Why, u/snow, do you think it is appropriate to speak to me like that?

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u/magnora7 what do you think of this mod behaviour?