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It'll be either coastal states vs interior states or cities vs rural areas, same as all civil wars. The conflict will not be restricted to the US as the rest of the world will have it just as bad, or worse. Cities will burn through their population of fighting age bastard volunteers hard and fast trying to subdue the rural areas to secure food and maintain provisions. They will introduce conscription and eminent domain. They will increasingly have to import food to sustain their remaining population, prompting a massive quality of life decline. The cities will, in desperation throw open the borders to recruit more fighting age men from abroad as theirs come home in caskets. Most will accept citizenship, but refuse to serve in the military. Just like the last time, with one exception.

The Chinese will use this as an opportunity to consolidate on any gains they've made.

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Oh yes, once the Civil War Starts brush fires everywhere else will start up too

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I hope there is no new civil war. The problems we are experiencing now are still echoes of the previous civil war. If there is a new one, it will be the end of our state. We should not allow that to happen. Our officials should read such good essays about the civil war and what it leads to. We need to read about it and know more about it to prevent it from happening now.