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LOL. This ain't it, hoss.

I've read "Flat Earth" arguments that were more convincing than that.

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Really? How? Specifically?

You want to be a stunned idiot and proudly declare confident willful ignorance then bring proof and not just brain dead Ad Hominem that only shows how stunned stupid you are

So yeah it is it take your gaslighting and shove it up your

Oh and FYI a response consisting of a laugh emoji? That will be a direct admission you’re a stunned stupid idiot that can be disregarded

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I was talking about the "open letter." You agree with that shit?

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WTF What colour is the sky on the planet you live on?

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It's pretty weird, to be honest. I was supporting her during the entire trial, but it sure seemed like I was one of the few. He literally sounded like a bumbling idiot, and is a bumbling idiot who spends $30,000 a month on wine.

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Wow, She fucking LIED REPEATEDLY during the Virginia Trial and you’re so stupid or willfully ignorant that you reply in a MGTOW forum like an idiot

Seriously go be stupid somewhere else

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Yes, MGTOW is about vocally supporting alcoholics and drug addicts who spend more on alcohol in one month than I do in a year. You heard it from Neroke-05, MGTOW is really just a degeneracy support group.

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Oh so you mean Amber gets away with everything then with no consequences then?

Yeah you fucking moron UNLIKE YOU I actually followed the Virginia Trial and pointing out her lies DOESN’T equate to MGTOW being a support group for degenerates

So take your gaslighting and twisting of facts and go be a fucktard somewhere else

Seriously moron what’s it like WANTING to be a Fucktard? Go be an idiot somewhere else? Bluff called

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No, but her penalty should've been equal to Depp's thus cancelling out his equivalently moronic bumbling and cult-like deflection away from excessive drug usage and overall incompetency.

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Love how you tried to ignore this until I directly called out your stupid ass on it

The MAIN thing around this you fucking imbecile is that was getting away with it in the FIRST PLACE! Not that Johnny did this or that THEREFORE all MGTOW endorse his behaviour! Which is EXACTLY what you tried to project by my first answer you fucking twatwaffle. By the way that’s otherwise known as a false equivalency

Now F’off with the doubling down

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False equivalency? Aren't you equating my support for Amber Heard with the idea that she should have won the case outright? I just don't think that she owes or should have to pay 10 million into the drug fund for some bumbling ogre.

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Actually CONSIDERING she was lying to destroy his career absolutely yes

By the way you stunted mental midget, you INTENTIONALLY tried to twist what I said around to mean I supported degeneracy. THEN you tried to project that out to all MGTOW

So take your moral superiority and shove it up your ass

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Turn over a new leaf today, friend; be the very best version of yourself today. Leave no doubt in everyone's mind that drug users ought to be worshipped and grovelled upon, this is the way which we men go on our own.

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Hey asshole, this is the SECOND TIME you’ve tried to twist what I said into a blanket endorsement for drug users

So you will now show me SPECIFICALLY where I endorsed drug using.

And that’s SPECIFICALLY! NOT jump to the left, do a ballerina spin, then quack like a duck to sort of make it look that way

FAILURE to do this will be a de-facto admission that you’re a stunned stupid FUCKTARD as will

Deflection Going Silent Ad Hominem Red Herring Projection

Remember idiot YOU CHOSE to double down so let’s FUCKING PARTY!!!!

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That’s what I thought! Amazing how people like you disappear the moment you have to provide proof