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I've heard about it for years but never tried it. How much powder do you take at one time? Do you recommend a particular type like Bali White or Green or other?

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For someone's first time it is generally recommended you take about 1.5 to 2grams to start,give it 20min, not feeling anything, another .5gram, wait 20. Nothing? Maybe another .5gram, if it's still not kicked in. Then try again later, at least 5 hours between the first. But it's rare you dont feel the effects, very rare in my experience with others that take it. In lower doses it's similar to coffee, in higher doses it can be used to relax and feel a bit tired even. It's said the strains are a marketing ploy. But it goes, reds are more sedative, greens a bit more energy mixed with euphoric vibes(you just feel happy and good, want to talk, hang out.), and whites are like a few cups of coffee, the best to get up and go. I use it for my anxiety, depression, and pain from a herniated disc in my neck. I love this plant, it is absolutely a medicine. I take greens typically. And my dose is usually about 7grams at once, I've been taking it more than a year though so that would be a high dose to start with.

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Thanks for the details. After your submission I went to the Kaybotanicals website and ordered. They confirmed the order and said they would ship when I paid by check. I then sent my credit card info asking them if they would accept that but I got no response even after sending my cc info again. Is there some reason they want my check? May I ask which company you use? You can PM me if you don't want to make it public. I too have pain in the lower back and am anxious to try this medicine. Thanks again.