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I think he is not going to get his $2000 back.

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And good luck getting your money back if you live outside the US. Pay Pal is just as bad; they have some of mine and a few thousand of a friend's. I refuse to use either and will not even consider bit coin. Gold and Silver—did I tell you to buy gold and silver?

BTW, Capital One is another complete ripoff outfit. You don't want to hear about it.

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I don't know I should mocking Google or Reddit on this thread, it should be both of them.

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Not many people on Saidit are going to disagree with you.

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Why don't you like Bitcoin? There are a few reasons to prefer other cryptos or to avoid crypto altogether, but I would like to know yours.

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I am going with my gut feeling on this because, as usual, I don't have the facts. Gold is my preference, as we discussed before. Oh, and I am grouping all cryptos under the term Bitcoin even though I know it is wrong.The block chain is an abstract idea to me but I can feel the weight of an ounce of gold in my hand. What if that block chain just vanished over night? It can't happen, or can it? And all that money in Libras or whatever, just goes right into the the hands of the two hundred or so who own the Fed or into the CIA. Can't happen? Maybe. Cryptos go back twenty years but gold goes back quite a bit further than that. Call me old fashioned.

And if anyone is still reading, do not buy any certificate that says you own X-amount of gold and silver because when it comes down to it, that little piece of paper is just a little piece of paper. Get the real thing and both silver and gold are still undervalued.

These paragraphs have been almost entirely fact free but I could show you my gold. Can you show me your cryptos? Your wallet might be gone tomorrow but I don't wish it on you. Cash in and get some real money.

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Thread has been closed. Reason: "Issue has been discussed enough stop disrespecting our corporate overlords, Trannysaurus out."

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sue them. and btw you deserve it for using google for anything. same with idiots using gaypal

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once you're mysteriously "blacklisted" by "financial institutions" you discover you have been demoted to the level of human trash... !

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next step... realize you are human trash... internalize it... realize that once you have been "demoted" to human trash... from "your" perspective everyone else has now placed themselves lower than human trash by default... realize that trash has value and that smart people value trash... 👺

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Only poor people use credit cards. Get a few briefcases filled with cash and a safe with 100k gold. Beta males use credit lmao.