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This is real news. About a real person committing very serious real crimes, and the mods cover it up because they (I assume) don't want Muslims to look bad, because the admins are so "progressive".

So "progressive" they're willing to cover up crimes in the public information sphere, just to protect their favorite groups of people from getting a bad name.

That's fucked up. I've got no problem with Muslims, but I do have a problem with people blocking the information stream to try and taint how others view certain demographics.

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Reddit has become an absolute cesspool of censorship and stronghold of the thought police. Mods there will ban you for anything, or nothing at all. Reddit mods are to free speech what pigs are to civil rights.

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Yeah it's gotten insane. There's like 5% of reddit where you can actually speak your mind, and those subs are getting less and less by the day. Anything in any even remotely mainstream sub is very likely to be vote-gamed to hell. It's very frustrating and I can see why not many regular people post there anymore.