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Well, the Chinese Communist Government's entire form of existence is collective ownership.... But hell, why not make this another shithole like voat.

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I think I get what you're saying. The Chinese government isn't really "collectively owned", but it's a coordinated entity. Meanwhile you see the Jews that own reddit as individual atoms that have no cohesive world-goal like the Chinese government. So it makes sense for China to censor stuff on reddit in pursuit of its coordinated, organized plans and goals but not for individual Jews since they're just atoms who have no broader goals beyond making money and living a good life or something.

Ok. First: coordination is not necessary for Jewish influence to be significant and censorious. All you need are similar phenotypes which can be due to similar genotypes or environments that individually want to censor speech they disagree with. I think you can see how individual Jews who own reddit might agree on censoring Jew-critical speech. And coordination or not, we know Jews own reddit and Jew-critical speech is one of the main things that is heavily censored on reddit. The Jews who own reddit have clearly decided to censor. As to why or how coordinated this reality is, I leave you to ponder and google: "the state of Israel," "Israel Lobby," "ADL," "SPLC," "B'nai Brith"