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All sorts off stuff

But the worst was people checking my post history and getting attacked and even banned on non political subs because I posted on T_D

For example, on r/movies

Me: Jennifer Lawrence always plays the same character

Idiot: You post on The_Donald!

A gang of idiots all pile on

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God, these braindead retards ganging up for you in a matter of minutes is just the worst. Nothing made me want to fedpost so much.

Literal mobs supressing inane observations because they can't form a coherent view of their identity outside their interests and politics.

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Nothing made me want to fedpost so much.

I feel you, I constantly have to check myself against glow-posting, because I've reached that level of fed up. Stay strong fellow traveler.

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Hey, I recognize him!

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How do you glow post

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Ruqqus has an option so you can hide your post history. I think it is good and would like it here. Otherwise anonymous posts or make other accounts is a good shield. But I hate people who prejudice people over previous posts.

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I would love to be able to use ruqqus, but they seem to have a server the size of a lunch pail

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Bardfinn was the worst with that. What an insufferable jackass and the living embodiment of the "well ackchyually" meme. His only argument was well you posted/commented here so this proves you're wrong.

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Any power mod that was known by username was fucking insufferable.

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They love to check post history and take any comment they can find out of context and use it against you. It always signaled to me that they had nothing to counter my argument and were just grasping at anything.

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I personally didn't have this problem because I was just straight up banned everywhere if I participated

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Jennifer Lawrence

I got banned from a sub (I forget which) for commenting she looks like the pretzel girl in my local mall, lol

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Ha-ha. That made me laugh, you getting banned for saying Jennifer Lawrence looks like the pretzel girl at your mall. It's ridiculous that they banned you. Jennifer Lawrence is just average.

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She does have a goddess-tier cooter, though..

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It's that fucking masstagger application they all install which feels gives them the right to be morally superior.

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Can you make your post and comment history hidden on reddit?

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Only by deleting your account or running a script to change all your historical comments to canned responses.

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/r movies was one of the worst subs honestly.

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Ad hominem is the default there. Its so annoying and counterintuitive to intellectual discussion.

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The astroturfing, narrative pushing and opinion whiplash.

“Stay the fuck inside! Stay six feet apart in public! Wear your mask! You’ll kill people by interacting with them in any way! This virus transmits extremely easily! Be a good, good citizen by staying the fuck inside! Oh my look at all those idiots at parties, they kill us all! Hahaha, holy shit look at these idiots protesting the lockdown. I will sneak to their hospital rooms and stuff popcorn in my face while they die a horrible death for their stupidity! Two weeks, mark my words!”

“Silence is violence! Go protest! We must address white supremacy and police brutality right this very second! Covid what? No, no, this isn’t like the lockdown protesters at all because we are on the right side of history! Any uptick of covid cases is entirely because of them, people partying and conservative media lying to the public! Don’t let Fox News fool you!”

“Now covid is really going to kill us all for real this time! I promise! This is the real deal so stay the fuck inside you potential Grandma killer! Unless you’re protesting because that is totally fine it doesn’t effect case numbers at all! Oh look at these obvious Trump supporters going out for their stupid fucking haircuts lmao idiots I hope you enjoy your painful covid death.”

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Thou hast triggered me, greatly. 90% of my Reddit comments elicited answers similar to that.

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Verysmart US citizens are protesting the lockdown -> US death toll is 1/4 of the worldwide coronavirus death toll -> cue "Directed by Robert B. Weide".

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Seeing this is triggering the "hello darkness, my old friend" song

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the constant circlejerking and lack of respect for other opinions was the worst for me. i can understand downvoting someone for being a dick when trying to say something, but it's so annoying when you get downvoted and insulted simply for thinking differently.

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    The most frightening thing is how they are 100% in favor of censorship. Like, not even any debate. We have such a negative view of censorship because it doesn't work. It was tried and found wanting. Not being able to discuss the truth was one of the major reasons the Soviet Union fell. Having learned nothing (because it wasn't real socialism) and having cut themselves off from the corpus of Western literature (which is full of "we tried this and here's how it didn't work" lessons) they are now boldly striding forward into the past to repeat actions we know for a fact are mistakes.

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    90% of reddit is either to young and inexperienced, or too stupid to realise how it works. They don't see that they're having a carrot dangled in front of them, and as soon as enough of them go for the carrot to allow the system to be changed without major discourse, those holding the carrot change the rules completely in their favour. All of a sudden they're left shocked and bewildered with nothing, their beloved powers that be turned against them, and their opposition that saw the whole thing coming. The thought of that is too negative so they don't even consider it, since they're programmed to live in a world where truth is subjective.

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    What is the carrot in this metaphor and how is it going to be taken away?

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    agreed. i don't like trump, but constantly hearing people whine about him saying something stupid on twitter is so annoying. the only political subreddit i knew that allowed different opinions was r/politicalcompassmemes which is ridiculous and sad because of how a meme subreddit allows more discussion than a subreddit made for it.

    it's nice seeing people of all different ideologies and ideas come together on saidit. i honestly learn a lot from people that aren't braindead extremists.

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    politicalcompassmemes honestly didn't feel like Reddit which was the best part of it.

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    i agree, it was just people teasing eachother with stupid memes. i'll admit that it got circlejerky sometimes and the jokes got old after a while, but it was still fun interacting with the community there.

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    Not to mention the "equivalent" being /r conservative was such a joke. Completely controlled narratives and insufferable boomer memes too.

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    For me it was deleting my comments with Automoderator and not notifying me about it. I kept having to open my own comments in private windows just to make sure they weren't being deleted.

    Then, when they are deleted, you have to spend a half hour playing whack-a-mole with the Automod trying to figure out what about your comment was triggering it.

    That and powermods banning any comments contributing to discussion that happen to go against the mods' narrative, leaving the majority of subs as nothing more than huge circlejerking echo chambers.

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    I was just becoming to love saidit when I saw a heap of my first posts had been deleted by an automoderator here...

    Truly the only solution is optional moderation.

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    Can you quote one of those posts for me, with full context? I absolutely support moderation of comments that aren't in good faith and are low on the Pyramid of Debate.

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    What rules did you break?

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    It says 48hr time limit on new accounts, but my posts were reasonable so. Saidit was quite less active then so less to post on. I think these sort of forced moderation rules are stupid and is another reason why moderation should be optional.

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    Shadow banning is disgusting. Such a weaselly thing to do.

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    In a word, censorship.

    Thought-crime is alive and well.


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    Yes, but I really do love Big Brother.

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    The "liberals", SJW, snowflakes

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    I posted a link to s/India in r/India and got Instabanned. I think it was automated. Quite steep considering they don't have autobans for saying the n-word and things like that.

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    Not sure if they do now but saying soyboy on reddit gets your post instantly deleted.

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    That really speaks to their own userbase tbh.

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    Someone needs to revive that sub.

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    Banning subs with wrongthink while doing absolutely nothing about subs which actually call for genocide and violence on people.

    There are subreddits which call for the death of innocent people, murder, rape, mass killings and bombings of innocent people, and make fun of such people who get oppressed, yet reddit does not care about it. If you are going to ban subreddits, ban subreddits like that, but instead they choose to ban subreddits that either just have conservative views or who don't consider trans "women" as women.

    It really shows that they think that considering trans "women" as men is worse than mass killings, rape, murder, and bombings of innocent people. That is what the recent bannings tell me.

    If you lurked AHS, they mention one of these subreddits, but instead of focusing on that they focus on total non issues.

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    I'll be honest, the line should be pushed pretty far for something to get deleted in my mind. Actual serious calls to violence are quite rare online and anyone who spends time in a community should be able to tell the difference between tasteless jokes and "oh shit this guy is about to commit a crime".

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    Here is how bad these subreddits are, this is clearly calling towards violence towarards a religious minority:

    "We should f*** their (Muslims') moms and throw them at the banks of the river Ganga. (Translated) [+8]"

    "only way is to learn from Myanmar ..."

    There was a genocide done by Myanmar on the Rohingya Muslims, they did very horrible things to them burning babies alive:

    Here is a thread on AHS about it

    In India there is a problem with extremist Hindus commiting violence against muslims. These are not jokes.

    They don't even quarantine subreddits like that.

    It is strange how instead of targeting subreddits like that for their bans, they target subreddits that say men are men and should not be allowed in women's spaces. That tells me they think it is worse to call men men and say they should not be in women only places than it is to call for literal genocide against a religious minority.

    I remember trying to report a subreddit like that, and Reddit does absolutely nothing to them, these recent bannings tell me what they truly care about.

    Even before the recent bans, Reddit did not care about it, they did not care about it then and they don't care about it now

    They don't care about hate and calls to violence, what they care about is people disagreeing with their ideology.

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    Maybe I’m just an immature child but I really got a kick out of going on different topics and responding with “this is gay”. Such a juvenile, useless post that was downloaded into oblivion. I always got a kick out of it

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    I like getting an emotional response from people, especially in youtube comment sections. Is that bad?

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    I don't think we do it to be mean. Perhaps it's because it's just so easy to set people off over something that would otherwise be viewed as no big deal? Either way, they're probably gay.

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    It's trolling for sure.

    You really need to find another way to get that emotional hit in your life. Try listening to Jordan Peterson lectures.

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    I mean I don't sit here all day and do it. It was mainly reserved for reddit.

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    When they started running bots to ban you based off what sub you commented on. Didn't even matter what you wrote.

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    Increasingly I found any new account I created was shadowbanned by default in just about every sub. It was nothing to do with IP range either, subs just use Automoderator to filter new poster or low karma users. It was just annoying, I can't imagine reddit is growing its user base much any more.

    The other big one was getting banned from a slew of subs for making one post on a wrongthink sub. This compounded by extensions like Masstager that are in common use that just ensure you get harassed on every sub you post in for a post you might have made years ago.

    Just the whole culture of reddit is toxic. I remember back in my atheism days, cross forums discussion with places ChristianForums was encouraged, debate was fun, and it birthed many of the laws of the internet we have now (Poe's Law for instance). Thanks to the toxicity of reddit, that's all seen as 'brigading', you're banned for it. So all you're left with is echo chambers and mod power struggles to control the narrative of a sub.

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    Just the userbase really - just so full of assorted basic bitches, sheep and vacuous morons. So that any sub with over 50,000 users automatically becomes a tedious hivemind of inane, repetitive posts and comments.

    Jesus, if I never have to see "y'all" or "my dude" or "imagine being..." or "I can't even" or "just wow" or "so much this" again deleting my Reddit account would have been worth it.

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    literally this


    Sometimes I went through like 50 comments, each of them being some variation of a meme or reddit catchphrase or of an opinion that at that point was reddit majority.

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    What might be even worse than shadowbanning is the absolute bullshit gaslighting that mods (of comms or reddit itself) will give you: either "there's no such thing as shadowbanning" or that it's a "spam filter". I've gotten both of these explanations, when they bothered to explain at all.

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    The spam filter on Reddit grabs a lot more things than you might think. It really sucks on the mod end because I'd have to click tools to even and one more click to even see if it there was anything there.

    Perfectly reasonable discussions would get caught in it. I would then approve them, sticky them to the top for a few days so people could see them and write a post explaining.

    How someone would do that in a high-volume sub, however, I don't know.

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    I'm from a small east-european country that is pretty socially conservative, and mostly posted on my country's subreddit. We had a referendum 2 years ago on whether to modify the constitution to make gay marriage impossible. The public opinion on every post was 50-50 and I've never seen such vitriol, heavy disagreement and upvote/downvote wars where a comment could swing wildly from negative to positive votes. Business as usual!

    This year we had a conservative politician propose a law to ban all gender&idpol ideology from being taught in universities. The opinion was overwhelmingly negative, and all comments that politely agreed with the politician's proposal were downvoted into oblivion. I've seen astroturfing and vote manipulation before, but I know my people and there's NO WAY we did such a massive shift in 2 years. Hell, earlier this year a coworker said (in front of HR) that he would break a gay's legs if they tried to hit on him, and nobody blinked.

    I hoped foreign-language subreddits would be safe from the blatant discourse manipulation that infected the entire damn site.

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    You spoke your native language on that subreddit, not English? Then I wonder how that's possible. Wouldn't expect many American TRA to know anything other than English. Did their comments have a non-native feel to them?

    [–]kallyr 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

    I'm just as surprised as you are... yes we all speak our native language there, that's why I was VERY surprised. No, they all sounded native, some of them were actually decently articulate but all their arguments were imported from the American TRA's. Check out and, they are some outright dystopian startups that are offering their services in manipulatuing Internet discourse. I used to think this was a crockpot theory but no. It's a service, has employees who believe in its mission, who post their faces and their rates online. I hate 2020.

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    Someone called "skullfurious" calling me a neckbeard for criticizing someones picture of their terrible food... in the food subreddit. Wouldn't even engage on the topic of food. Wasn't interested in the photo. I was just ruining his day by criticizing something he liked.

    This is one example but I've had this experience countless times.

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    Lots of people use Reddit as a kind of therapy. They can't get the feelings they want in their real life, so they turn to the internet to have a hugbox. Seen it so many places. They're not actually there to get an honest opinion. Their skill doesn't matter. They want to bask in the warm glow of approval.

    The problem with this is that it seems to build on itself and make people more fragile. The more warm feelings they get, the more hostile they are to any dissent. It's Agreeability and conformity gone mad.

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    Extremely prevalent in most art subs, particularly photography ones. A lot of shit photos and if you offered reasonable criticisms then you got freaked out on.

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    People posting BLM shit on the asmr subreddit. Like on trying to relax so I can sleep. Leave me alone with your political bullshit for a while. I feel like I can't relax there at all anymore and just chill.

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    I want to tell you about you about my 9 years suffering daily harassment from Climate Nazis.

    My original account was under u/Oortcloud. On my first day on Reditt I enjoyed reading articles and comments. On my second day I commented about AGW and received a reply from u/archiesteel who wanted to argue with me. That guy’s account was only a few days old at the time and he had not commented or replied on any subs. In other words, he’d been lurking and waiting for a victim. I replied nicely to him and that’s where the torrent of abuse and harassment from the Nazis began.

    I don’t buy in to AGW purely on scientific grounds. I know my stuff, .and I’m not shy about presenting it. That drove a cabal of Climate Nazis to pursue me and harass me on every sub regardless of the topic. Whatever I wrote HAD to be countered and denied regardless of my supplying references. So, the cabal members argued such things as the gram not being a unit of weight, Einstein being wrong, and Earth radiating x-rays. Apparently, supplying references made me a windbag to them.

    As I said, I’d been there for 9 years. I enjoy sharing ideas and observations and over those years I’ve shared a lot. The cabal maintained a dossier of my activity which they posted as replies to my comments regardless of the sub. If it were just them sending me messages I could easily have ignored them by blocking replies to me. But that only infuriated them so they didn’t stop there. Their campaign escalated to PMs to users, mods and admins with stories and lies. Other Climate Nazis are quick to believe every word and so there’s a sizable community of people believing all sorts of crazy shit. I’ve even had an admin laughing over that cabal torturing me. One of the cabal set up a sub devoted to trashing me under my former account name, u/HappyFluffyBunnies. The sub r/HappyFluffyBunnies could not be ignored even by rat-sack admins who took it down. So it was replaced with r/ShitDeniersSay – another sub devoted to trashing me.

    One would reasonably expect that admins would look into daily reports of harassment from a user, and that action would be taken. My entire experience above comes down to Reddit admins actively supporting the harassment of users in order to drive them off of Reddit. The admins have their own twisted criteria as to what opinions are valid and deserving of protection versus those that must be crushed.

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    The new design... Though, that's old news. Today... Well, the new design. :P

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    The massive delusion by the left-wing commies on Reddshit that everything you post on reddshit is an exact representation of who you are in real life. There is no possible way you can be joking, sarcastic or even shit posting, according to those hive-minded idiots. I am finally done there got my 12 year old reddit account and 8 year old reddit account permanently banned from posting. Mission accomplished. Fuck that commie hell hole

    [–]AnarchySpeach 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

    Like, recently?

    I didn't break any rules on that sub. They still removed it and if I try to argue their bullshit they have threatened to ban me.

    So... yeah. Doesn't help that the mod here on /s/RPG is a ghost.

    [–]Extract 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

    [–]StBlops2cel_is_Lord 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

    2 days ago I came home, tried to log in, 'wrong password','s only the same password I used for years. I was expecting it for a while now, they can kiss my non-Commie ass. Nevermore shall I return.

    [–]AFutureConcern 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

    Also anyone encountered being banned due to posting saidit links?

    Yep I was concerned that bans were about to happen (they did) and so I started directing people to saidit. A couple of days after that I got a message from a mod pointing out that I was shadowbanned... this is despite having posted no rule-breaking content nor even upvoting rule-breaking content.

    Reddit are very aware of what happened to digg and at so they use every dirty trick in the book to stop people migrating off the site - links are censored outright, too.

    [–]suckitreddit 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

    The whole thing is garbage. Reddit is like Voat but for ultra-woke-progressive-LGBTBBQ-lefties. is a much better website.