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Their facilitation in grooming of children likely violates US law, as our ages of consent are higher (edit: hate mobile) than in the EU. I know there have been posts about illegally obtaining gender-bending drugs as well. I'm sure some of those LGBTQ+, age-play and trans-kid subs are allowing grooming to occur between adult and minor Redditors.

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You're saying the AoC is lower in the US than in the EU? Don't all countries in the EU have their own AoC like all the states in the US do? Or did I misunderstand your comment?

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That was a typo— sorry

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Ah, no worries

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I predict LifeProTips will be a victim in the next purge.

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That's why I use the "Private Window with Tor" option in Brave for untrustworthy sites like reddit and twitter. Absolute pain in the ass on Twitter, as they're making you go through more and longer captchas to log in. Oh well, even more incentive not to bother.

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Here's my story:

I was looking for fun on Grindr and found. But the guy had clearly used his pic of six months and wasn't in shape and I just wasn't feeling it. So I went home and by the time I got to my car, I received a notification from their app of a post about how a guy just came out of a grindr situation, telling a similar story.