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I was still trying to use r/coffee and a couple others 5 years ago, but the communist 'echoes' were overwhelming even then. Being a reddit user now is a badge of shame.

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Not having a ban just says you’re dimwitted enough the communists have never found you a threat.

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What does it say that I have about a dozen banned accounts?

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That you’re on my level.

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Or that you know how to keep accounts separate.

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How do you do it? I’ve tried a vpn, just resulted in shadow ban.

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    Have they done a multi account sweep? Where they specify your accounts*, emphasis on the plural, are permanently suspended?

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    I was referring to using reddit for niche things, (after all reddit is really a bunch of subreddits). Specifically small subs. That's where the (I'd like to say 'intelligent', but that sounds demeaning) people hang out and talk about normal things. Politics aren't normal. Current events like "the sheep farm over there got raided again last night" and "the chieftain's wife just cooked an amazing batch of stew" and "we have plenty of food for the winter, especially with the increased seed size of the grass we harvested this year" are normal (well, hopefully tribes are stable enough that the raids aren't normal). (As I reread that... No, the subs I was on didn't usually talk about those things. We talked about other normal things.)

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    I got hit by some kind of mass account sweep, not the normal ban. They seemed to have rolled it out about when they publicized how they banned TD. I had accounts that I never even posted from permanently suspended from it. They went pretty deep as far as device finger printing.

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      I don't think sissies considerer themselves trans, it's crossdressing for humiliation, gay kink shit. Like Herbert Hoover. I think.

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      thats how all tranny shit is

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      Agreed, but I think there's a sect of gay men into this stuff knowing it's a fetish, and a sect of dangerously delusional gay men who truly think they're women. Like, if you're cutting your dick off and drilling a hole in yourself, you've drank the kool-aid and are 100% out of touch with reality.

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      There is a rapidly growing bunch of straight men that transition and call themselves "lesbians". Caitlyn Jenner is one.

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      Yes, they're called "autogynephiles".

      ("Perverts" is also acceptable)

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      Many of them do consider themselves trans when it comes to invading women’s spaces and getting women/lesbians banned from Reddit.

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        There are a TON of subs on reddit where adults actively groom minors.

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        WTF. Literal porn and it's not even 18+. How is Reddit allowing this?

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        There are a couple hobbyist subs that I still frequent. The help and general advice I've received in these subs over the years has been invaluable. This includes homebrewing, though it was a few years ago since I don't make my own beer any more.

        But you are absolutely correct. Any comment that is even a little contrary to the hive mind will get jumped on so fast it makes your head spin. I like to give back to the community when i can so if someone else has a question that I can answer I will. But now I have to take such care that what i write isn't going to offend Reddit's sensibilities. It's stupid and infuriating and makes me not want to participate, even just to lurk, any more.

        Reddit has been a dead lurching zombie for some time now, yet SJW beta cucks and all the rest continue to prop it up while patting themselves on the back.

        On a related note I really enjoyed brewing beer, but I got tired of the prep and clean up and it stopped being fun at some point so I sold all of my gear. I also had to acknowledge that having 'unlimited beer' around the house all of the time was a bad thing. 80 750ml bottles can go surprisingly quickly.

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        I do wine, not that I particularly like wine but I like alcohol and it's easy and cost efficient. And I like fermenting things. I do lactofermented hot sauces too. I end up making more than I can use or give away with that one. Don't have that problem with alcohol but my max capacity with wine is ~3 gallons and it doesn't last long. If I had more room I'd do more.

        I'd love to run a still too although I have no safe place for one. And the yields I read about seem small. If I have to run 5 gal of mash to get a quart of booze, well that's a lot of effort for a day's drink.

        Beer seems too involved for me right now, and there's so much variety at the stores now (somewhat recent thing) that I have a pick of fancy beers. Used to be just the big names and a few imports with no local brands. We used to have to drive out to the brewery itself to get craft beer.

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        Sick man that sounds fun and productive. Did you do asian hot sauce like the rooster sauce? Is your wine fruit wine or something traditional with grapes?

        I'm still in the ghetto fridge pickling phase but I've got dreams.

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        A still is my next project after the gardens.

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        You know, I'm not sure I've ever had sriracha. I just tends towards Mexican rather than Asian. I primarily use only 3 store bought ones. Yellowbird if I want it sweet, El Yucateco xxx sauce when I don't, and Lousiana when I want to add heat without flavor.

        I've done a few grape wines but mostly I do apple, cranberry, and lemon/lime. I guess you could call the last two cider and hard lemonade rather than wine but... semantics really. Same process.

        I like pickling too. I haven't done cucumber pickles because I don't know where to buy pickling cucumbers. I grow peppers and pickle them. Used to have a bunch of serranos before I got a kitten. Gizmo really murdered my garden. He's an adorable monster though. Now I have a crop in a kitten free zone coming in that I think might be thai chilis but I'm not 100%. But when they're done I'll have too many to use so I'll use what I can fresh, dry/pickle/ferment the rest.

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        Hahaaa I'd eat my cat if it messed up my garden. I haven't done proper pickles yet either, but I think you can slice any cucumber and pickle/brine the slices. I brought up the Sriracha because it's fermented... I think that's one of the secrets of its success. Maybe other hot sauces are fermented too. Anyway keep it up, good stuff.

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        It's funny, when someone says homebrewing my mind immediately goes to beer. But yes of course, wine also.

        I've never liked wine or hard stuff, if it wasn't for beer I would not drink. The taste is so great, and the attendant buzz is pure gravy. Damn too bad it's still early 'cause I could really go for one now.

        I've helped family members make wine and it was just meh for me. But when I helped a buddy do a batch a beer I then ran right out and got a kit and the gear. Perhaps it's just me but making wine is kind of a no-brainer, but doing a good beer really requires some effort. It probably took me a year until my results were consistent and consistently drinkable. Don't get me wrong, I was no great shakes and the beer quality was largely the result of the kit I bought. But getting the technique down took time and effort.

        The downside, of course, was it just made me even more of an insufferable beer snob.

        Give me an ale or a pilsner and I'm happy as a clam. Most of the so called craft beers are crap IMO. A beer tour of Bavaria is high on the list if they ever remove travel restrictions, no doubt it will be a humbling experience.

        I have to confess I've never heard of lactofermented hot sauces, it sounds intriguing. Especially since I'm also a hot sauce snob.

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        Damn too bad it's still early 'cause I could really go for one now.

        I didn't think twice about cracking a beer when I woke up. Sometimes I wish I did, but damn do I enjoy it.

        I've helped family members make wine and it was just meh for me

        I like that it's easy and right now I'm fermenting a couple expired juices that were going to be tossed so it's nice not to waste. My results haven't been awe inspiring, generally I produce something that tastes like an inexpensive dry white wine, but that's still booze I didn't have to pay for. And I've had a few successes that were rather tasty.

        The downside, of course, was it just made me even more of an insufferable beer snob.

        My wife is trying to make me into a beer snob. She often insists I get craft beers when I'd be satisfied with cheap gas station beer. I guess at 40yrs old she thinks it's time I stop drinking 40s.

        I agree there's a lot of crappy craft beer. I generally avoid IPAs, brewers who go nuts with hops, and most citrus ones just because there's so many bad examples of those out there.

        My favorite beer is one called Devil's Backbone, it's an 8% unfiltered Belgium Tripel made by a local company called Real Ale. They have some good stuff, the company. Other locals Karbachi and No Name Brewing Co. are good too (been to that one).

        I have to confess I've never heard of lactofermented hot sauces, it sounds intriguing. Especially since I'm also a hot sauce snob

        They're nice, gives the sauce a more complex flavor. The lactic acid produced, when done right, will get the sauce to a shelf stable pH, adds tang without vinegar, and it's not difficult. It's also a probiotic and you know it's a live culture because you made it. All you have to do is keep your peppers and whatever else you're adding (carrots, onions, garlic, etc.) submerged in a brine. I use a 4% pickling salt solution but some people do less. Table salt, even iodized salt, works too but it can make the brine cloudy and it's not as visually appealing.

        Takes about 2 weeks min to finish, although you can age it for months or even years, and you'll see it start bubbling in as little as 24hrs. When done, I blend the fruit with a little brine for consistency and a tiny amount of xanthan gum to keep it from seperating.

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        It's basically half SJW fools and half click farm accounts pushing different ideologies.

        Towards the end of my time on reddit, I only stuck to geographic subs to discuss local events, or hobbyist subs like hiking / cooking. Even the geographic subs all turned hyper political, banning people who are conservative or moderate.

        There's a desperate demand for a reddit replacement and whoever pulls it off is going to get rich. Saiddit would be cool, but so far doesn't have close to the number of users to have a lot of apolitical content. is rolling out apolitical subs, and I'm excited to see how that goes, but it'll be hard convincing non-conservatives to join it.

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          A large part of how I wound up here. So I’m hopeful.

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          Every time I start reading comments on reddit, it's just infuriating. It's like designed to be infuriating and as inflammatory as possible, so no real discussions of substance can take place. Just dumb jokes, and half-truths stated with the highest confidence. The shills and bots (and people swept up in it without realizing it's fake) have completely supplanted any real information or culture that used to exist on the website. Compared to how it was in the Aaron Swartz days it's upsetting, it's like visiting your childhood home and seeing that it has burned to the ground.

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            Thanks. I have been doing the same, except I'm watching 80s and 90s tv. Even serious shows from the 80s have this goofy happy vibe underneath that is just missing from media now. Lots of media now seems to be competing to see who can be the darkest and most disgusting, it's exhausting and hard to relate to anymore. 80s/90s tv seems so innocent and fun by comparison, while still being entertaining.

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              Well it's more the Zionists than the jews tbh

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              Why dont you own the media? What do you own? Anything?

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                Oh, you're confused. Lol. Why are the Jews more powerful than you?

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                Honestly, it is clear Jewish Zionists and teh CIa own the media. It's the fault of the American for watching their monolith all day.

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                I kind of feel the opposite, things are too silly and sanitized now, because of the new puritan sjws. Things that are R rated now don't even feel very edgy like they were in the 80s or 90s. Everything is homogenized and diluted so as not to offend.

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                  I'll never forget what a disappointment /r/centuryclub was. I used reddit since 2008 and five or six years ago I finally got enough karma to join the private sub for long time redditors (needed 100k karma, which used to take a long time). The sub turned out to be 100% SJW TDS whackjobs. Someone misquoted Trump, so I pointed it out. Wasn't argumentative at first or anything, I just pointed out that what they're saying he said wasn't what he said. The user got offended, and several others joined in attacking me. It ended up being like a 3 day argument of me vs the entire sub, wound up spreading to other subs, before they just gave up and banned me. They were hostile as fuck, I just stuck to the original claim and it drove them insane.

                  A few years later, the entire site seemed to have become that demographic. Probably from normal people getting tired of being harassed and ultimately banned for having disagreed from the sub, especially in subs that are supposedly apolitical.

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                  we need a homebrew sub. I've made a bit of spicey rum in the past

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                  tik tok is for children and pedofiles and the chinese

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                  The reddit tik tok porn subs were filled with chicks in their 30s doing soft core stuff. It was awful. I can't believe they make a living off that.

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                  Please make a /s/HomeBrew /s/HomeStill /s/Moonshine and/or something like that to share your research. Eventually I'll be reading and/or contributing.

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                  You may find the kind of critical mass and broad network in the home brewing subs that will help you. Seems you're not having a problem with that. Reddit is naturally complex, due to its size. And surprise, most people hate Twittler (because there is absolutely nothing redeemable about him or how he's helped the GOP and criminals rape the US) and want him to die in a fire, slowly, over several days, like a slow roast. Perhaps avoid the porn. You'll go blind.

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                  my 10 year old account was suspended out of the blue

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                  My old account got caught up in the purges too. No reason given.

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                  I thought I was just a normal sane person months ago, but lately reddit mods have been deleting my posts or banned me over literally nothing. It wasn't like this before. WTF's happening?