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Possession is nine-tenths of the law

A husband doesn't own the wife or the fetus, it's as simple as that. If however you bought your wife and/or baby in Afghanistan, you might own them. But in the US, we're not that fucked up (yet, if the GOP have their way).

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I disagree, I think married men should have a say in whether their unborn children are aborted. Until some sort of men's right's law is in place, I will support the court on this one. Although my heart aches for the women stuck with babies from black man sex.

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Married men certainly have a 'say' in the process. They're in fact needed more at that time than at some other times in the marriage. But the percentage of the decision is much more the wife's than the husband's, until husbands are able to get a uterus, or Persistent Müllerian duct syndrome, whichever comes first.

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I wouldn't get too worried it. No way Roe v. Wade actually gets overturned. This whole leak thing looks fishy. Probably incomplete. Final draft will keep RvW intact is my bet.