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here's the original comment text:

I'm all for hating corrupt corporate elites but even the mexican cartels transcend them.

LMAO. Holy shit bro. Western elites literally rape and kill children in mass. They even film the abuse and sell the tapes; there's a massive snuff network. They follow catastrophes around the world and use the chaos to abduct children in mass. See: Haiti. Also look into the dutroux affair.

Imagine thinking cutting a couple of hearts out of your enemy is anything compared to hundreds of thousands of child abductions, rape and murder. They even use main stream websites to sell children in broad day light.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. They breed children for this sick shit as well.

They laugh in our faces that we can't see it.

[–]Insider 7 insightful - 2 fun7 insightful - 1 fun8 insightful - 2 fun -  (1 child) is likely auto-censored. The author of that website does extremely detailed investigations on conspiracy theories. You pretty much can't disprove him.

Some accounts, like mine, are shadowbanned from posting most links. I'm unable to post links that other people are able to.

Check your account and see if you have followers whose names are hidden and you can't block. If you do, you likely have government agents following your account. If you don't, it means you haven't gotten to the truth.

EDIT: oh, Bitchute is likely auto-censored as well

They don't only bang kids, but they also murder whistleblowers. There are at least ~70 other "suicides"/"murders" other than Epstein (Isaac Kappy, Tracy Twyman, Jill Dando, Max Spiers, Prince Beasley, Nancy Schaefer, Andrew Breitbart, Natacha Jiatt, Gary Caradori, Tom Philpott etc.)

Look at Breitbart's case for instance, he was trying to bring down the liberal pedos:

How prog-guru John Podesta isn't household name as world class underage sex slave op cover-upperer defending unspeakable dregs escapes me.

Then he dies of natural causes at age 43. No drugs or alcohol in his system, just collapses. Police say no foul play is suspected. The end.

Now repeat this pattern 100 times across the NWO/NATO countries. I think the Dutroux case alone had like 29 witnesses murdered or suicided.

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Check your account and see if you have followers whose names are hidden and you can't block

not sure how to do this.

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So here's what I don't understand. Why are these pedos kidnapping normal children off the streets?

If I was a pedo kidnapper having to supply a large pedo organization I would go to the gypsies. They don't really care for their children, so they'd sell them to me for cheap. They don't have IDs so even if they wanted to go to the police and say I took their children they'd have no evidence, no documents, no pictures. I'd never get caught.

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Why are these pedos kidnapping normal children off the streets?

Read the Dutroux document. They contract out each step of the process. They have multiple ways of procuring children. The breeders are likely more useful for certain purposes and the abducted are useful for other purposes. They don't just throw all children away. Some become lifetime sex slaves or are given as adoptions to elites. You have to think like a psychopath to comprehend the depths of their depravity. Just don't stair at the abyss too long.

They don't really care for their children, so they'd sell them to me for cheap.

I don't know much but gypsies need their children to keep their tribe going. I'm sure the gypsies would be down for helping elites abduct regular kids though. Gypsies strike me as less sophisticated jews.

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Unfortunately I'm very familiar with the gypsies. They make children because they see them as resources. They try to marry them off/sell them as soon as they hit puberty. Some (quite a lot) as early as 4 or 5 even. They marry the very young girls to slightly older boys and they inject the boys with drugs to make sure the marriage is consummated. The only thing they have in common with jews is that they look down on normal people and on the values normal people have.

They do have criminal organizations that are involved in human trafficking, but they get their victims from orphanages and such, or they're other gypsies like I said. Those on one would care about. Most gypsies are white now btw, I've seen blondes with green eyes.

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That's disgusting. Say what you will about Hitler but he would have taken care of the gypsy problem in Europe as well.

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It is disgusting. And you can't even talk about it because of an anti gypsy discrimination law that was passed a couple years ago, which says you can get up to 10 years in prison if you say anything that could be considered racist towards the gypsies.

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I didn't know about that law. I'm stunned. How fucking dystopian is that.

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You dont do your argument any favors by posting low res screen captures that are just poor enough quality so that the text is all unreadable.

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It's readable. I also posted an isgp link that clearly walks through the dutroux case.

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Yeah this kind of censorship is unfortunately everywhere on reddit these days. Saidit exists for a reason.

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    Here are the unofficial guidelines. Pretty much none of it is applicable if you're going against/for establishment narratives.

    If you're for the establishment, you can break any rule or etiquette you want. If you're exposing the establishment, you'll be susceptible to unreasonable bans or shadowbans.

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    That's the worse part. Even when you follow all their rules they still will just outright ban you if that don't like you or you start proving a point. It's fixed.

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    Thanks I'll give it a shot.

    Lost the count on how many reddit users aren't aware their comments are shadowbanned.

    I always just assumed people stopped arguing with me. I guess I should have looked into it further. I've only used reddit sporadically the last few years so to see them rise to this level of censorship is insane. What's weird is there are millions of people that use that site that have no idea how censored and astroturfed it really is. They think they are getting a genuine experience with competing ideas.

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    Thanks again for that rec. Look like I've had 30 of my last 915 comments shadowbanned from 8 different subs. Fucking unreal.

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    Yeah, recently my comment on r/monkeypox got shadowbanned and I got banned from the sub. I had a modest proposal that maybe gay men shouldn't be anonymously fucking 5+ partners a week during an outbreak. I was called "irresponsible" for being a gay man suggesting abstinence/monogamy.

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    Stay in the non-mainstream subs. A membership number of under 25k is likely safer. Eventually, the feds will get to all popular subs though.

    There are multiple conspiracy subs that have been infiltrated as well. I got banned for revealing lesser known/unknown info on 9/11 and military cultists.

    Got banned from Trump subs too for revealing evidence on pedos.

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      I don't have a problem with gays but take some responsibility along with that dick up your ass bud.

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      Monkey-pox is "trans"-mitted by "trans"-genders

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      Gotta flatten the turd.

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      All big social media sites shadowban. It's political. Filters catch stuff and shadow ban you. It's to make it look like your ideas aren't popular, so you drop them.

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      You're late to the game btw. Most anti-imperialists and pro-China pundits have experienced this for a while.

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      Just got suspended for 3 days taking a troll he’s a fucking asshole

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      Yes. It's obvious if your account is being followed. I have to create different strings of posts because they always figure out the way of shadowbanning the content they don't like, but It's hard for them to do it if you share different content everytime.

      Some things are downright censored already, I was literally banned and perma-banned several times over at reddit for sharing extreme Holocaust Revisionism content and I've only noticed things getting worse over time.

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      /u/Insider is right. They already had a domain blacklist back when we were all still on there.

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      Got it. So it was probably bitchute or isgp that got the comment shadowbanned?

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      Pretty sure bitchute's on there.

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      Yes, bitchute is already banned at reddit.

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        Testimony C

        Never heard of this. Have you ever read about the Greenbaum lectures?

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          A Psychologist named DC Hammond uncovered in the 80's and 90's that some of his patients had been victims of satanic ritual abuse. He coordinated with other professionals that started finding similar patients.

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          No one who reads this should ever post anything at reddit again for any reason.

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          Same for Both sides are censoring and the echo chambers are becoming super toxic.

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          con pro just lost it's domain.

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          Not in the loop. What/who is "con pro"? Who owned the domain before? Also, there was confusion about the the transfer of to after the 2020 election.

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