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There's really only three possible reasons for that to have happened.

1) One of Reddit's mods tried to get their ego stroked, and was either shut down or didn't get noticed to begin with.

2) He expressed, either directly or in passing, a political opinion (or something taken as such) that went against the narrative.

3) He expressed, either directly or in passing, an opinion (or something taken as such) that wasn't a gushing endorsement of troonery.

Any one of those three would be enough to have a butthurt mod running off to the admins with tearful complaints about the "bigot."

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It was probably because you can choose male or female in terraria.

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It's not as bad as Discord. They openly admit to not accepting appeals. If you try Clyde will reject it automatically. Reddit at least has a human most of the time, and they'll usually accept it unless you're a high-profile dissident like I was. At least they used to, I haven't bothered with reddit for over two years now.

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I haven't bothered with reddit for over two years now.

Feels good, doesn't it?

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Not really actually, but only because it's where all the people are.

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Reddit is looking dead these days. The number of comments also do not support the number of upvotes on most front page posts being organic. It has the same problem Twitter does, there's so many convincing bots, a much smaller amount of people are given the illusion of a large audience.

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Are the posters actual people, though? I know a couple of people who run bot farms to sell off accounts with heavily manipulated karma, and I'm sure there's more.

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You can tell it's a bot when everything it says is an unintelligible word salad, or it only copies from other people.

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The humans you are talking about usually just rubber stamp the ban from the trannymins anyway.

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NatSec guys who tell Big Tech who to ban must be trolling him or something xD

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Just Stop interacting with reddit and let it rot.