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solution: people in rural areas should rip up the highways and roads in and out of their regions so no evil trucks or cars can travel into the sacrosanct urban areas thus preventing them from infecting those holy urbanites with their demonic rural ways.

Also, sorry about the shortage of food in cities.

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What the fuck you going on about snowflake.

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repeatedly calling people snowflake is technically against the rules of this website.

stop it, please.

calling people snowflake is not cool, it isnt intelligent, it serves no purpose, it is not adding to the conversation.

stop it please.

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    from FuckYourMom via /s/MeanwhileOnReddit sent 7 minutes ago Let him say whatever he wants. Snowflake

    reported for dragging down the conversation using insults.

    btw, my account is active and doing just fine on reddit.. while yours is not.

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    Then you're either unbelievably lucky or a cabal mod.

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    I am definitely not one of the power mods..

    One thing I am careful about is to don't be a racist fk and don't pet or feed the trannies.. if I see one, I just freeze and hold my breath and hope they don't attack me.

    Basically, don't try to offend people.. and, try to understand that Islam dominates most everything that is political or religion based

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    Islam? I think the atheist communists like China and Russia are a much bigger threat. In the US they're brainwashing Muslims into useful idiots right now, but if and when the revolution is won they'll be thrown in the gulags to be experimented on too.

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    I prayed with Muslims for almost twenty years in three different countries, while you have probably never one time even been inside of a masjid...

    Yet you would insist that you know better than me what is going on in the world of Islam.

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    Islam? I think the atheist communists like China and Russia are a much bigger threat.

    Vulp, idk where you are getting this from, but that isn't right

    Russia is not athiest, they have a higher percentage of the population identifying as christian than the USA.

    Also Russia hasn't been communist been 1991, they are very capitalist.

    China isn't communist anymore either, regardless of what the ruling party wants to call themselves - they have a market economy, not one that is centrally planned, and they pay a lower tax rate than the US

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    Ok frozen ice pellet.

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    food shortages that we have now are literally nothing compared to what is coming.

    i will not be surprised if we see beggars that are like walking skeletons soon.

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    i can understand why they banned you.. (a) you have been a registered user for two days.. (b) one of your first posts is nazi related/jew-hate related and (c) you say that you only see cops beating criminals and not beating innocent people.

    just fyi, i understand that the BLM movement is going a tad ballastic, but my niggas is real real tired of being lynched(either literally or emotionally or legally)..

    black folks are takiing a stand and they are literally achieving black supremacy and they are stomping the snot out of white supremacy.

    even tho black people are not the innocent and pure lambs, no, they do shit wrong and they make crimes just like anyone else..

    black folks is just tired of gettng lynched and for being treated like second class citizens that aint allowed to drink from a "whites only" water fountain.

    i get it.

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    you have been a registered user for two days..

    It's in the title again.

    one of your first posts is nazi related/jew-hate related. The post was deleted.

    you say that you only see cops beating criminals and not beating innocent people.

    Prove me wrong, cops job is protect and serve non criminals and who gives a fuck about criminals. If you don't like it then give up your criminal ways snowflake.

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    somewhere along the line, somebody told you that you are right about everything and that anyone that doesnt agree with you is a snowflake.

    ok, you got banned.

    i would have done the same thing.

    i am an internet doctor and i also invented the toilet.

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    Prove me wrong, cops job is protect and serve non criminals

    just fyi, i have had acquaintances that were probably as dirty of cops as you will ever find.. ie, cops that get high on meth and are members of serious criminal gangs.. yup, i knew a few of them.. i have also walked with the top of the mob in my early life.. some very serious and very deadly guys..

    you, brewdabier, you hit me as a snot nosed kid that thinks he is cool because he knows how to call other people snowflakes.

    give it a rest.

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      I understand you are operating on a limited understanding of the world.

      every single person in this world operates with a limited understanding of the world.... not one single person operates with an "unlimited understanding" of the world.

      did i ever mention to you that i studied counseling? one of the side effects of studying counseling is that i can listen to certain statements and just immediately know that you are wrong..

      do you operate with an "unlimited understanding" of the world? somehow, i think not.

      Black people don’t get lynched.

      oh but yes they do.. this man, mister james byrd jr was chained and towed behind a car at high speed until his head fell off... this was done to him specifically because of his skin color and it was done by white people that think that they have the privilege to kill black people.

      rest in peace, mr james byrd junior.

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        i would rather be a snowflake than to walk beside you.

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        Bless your heart.