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This sounds exactly like what happened to my 13 year old account. I did not post anything controversial, nor did I use any alts. I always used only one account at a time (my last one before that, now like 16 years old, was wrongly suspended in Reddit's 2FA breach).

They completely destroyed my account and years of work on their fake social media website all in one swoop. They banned all my created subreddits, very boring benign stuff I put lots of time developing communities in. They banned my 'self' feed. Some admin went in and methodically viewed every post I did, removing ones based on obviously petty teenager-like admin freakouts. In the process, I learned many of my comments had been secretly shadow-hidden by administrators for a long time.

The whole faking conversations by banning one side from replying seems to be a fundamental feature of Reddit, that not only the admins use, but also the mods, trolls, and coordinated shills.

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What's a "self" feed?

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When you direct link to a user name. It has a feed of their comments and stuff, but you can use your user profile like a subreddit and make posts to it.

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That happened a lot a few years back but I thought they've had it fixed for a while.

If you put a subreddit's path before /user you can still see your overview page. It will also apply that subreddit's CSS. In fact, it works on saidit too:

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I'm referring to the intended feature, not something that was a fluke or removed, of using your user profile as a page. It is common to call it a self-post or your self-feed.

One kind of feed you'd think would be very extreme if they were to ban.

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If you can't see it at all it's a bug. If you just can't post there that's normal behavior.

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Many people use their self feed exclusively, trying to use it like a Twitter account.

No, this was banned. They banned / suspending me and anyone else from accessing it. They erased all my content posted to my self feed, then allowed me back in several weeks later, without lifting the ban on my other subreddits (your self feed is like a subreddit of you).

There is no confusion or mistake. I've been using Reddit as a deep technical user, for more than 15 years.

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I know what the self feed is. Why would they randomly lift it? Their automatic systems probably detected that glitch and reversed it. Since they banned all your other subreddits it does sound like they gave you the type of ban that used to cause it (removing all of your past content). But it isn't intentional. Your self feed uses a subreddit in the backend but isn't supposed to function like one. If you just get suspended other users already can't see it.

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They refused to help or explain anything. They refused to respond via any of the multiple useless mechanism they have.... but I did find that administrators (not mods), had went through my entire history and hand deleted many of my comments and posts, in what appeared to be based on someone's personal petty reasons.

I was singled out, my content removed, my subreddits banned, and much of my other content hand removed. This doesn't seem like an automated action, nor glitch.

I never go there any more. I've instead came here. I've wasted too much of my life creating communities, that are taken away in an instance, with no way to possibly ask for review or any reason........All of their avenues for doing this, which seems like many, too-many, I've found to be fake; They simply refuse to respond. There is only a subreddit you can complain in, but admins ignore, and simpletons simply insult you. It's like the rest of reddit.....the rest of their avenues for seeking support are fake.

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You can use pushshift to search a user without access to their profile.

I'm curious though, because you said you can't view your own profile. I've never heard of that before, save for a bug that occasionally caused its subreddit to be banned, which was fixed several years ago. What does it look like?

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It just says "this user is banned" whether I am logged in or not.

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What is your username?

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Saidit is looking weird

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It's a strange thing that I noticed on Facebook several years ago, when I was kicked out there because I didn't want to show my ID - reddit seems to handle it the same way, that your sub page remains publicly accessible and users can interact with it, even though you have no influence on it anymore due to your exclusion and no access to the moderation function, of course. Your profile will be banned, but your sub page will remain accessible. On my sub reddit, I had disabled the function for users to comment or post there, because I just wanted to document the content posted there for myself, rather than discuss it in a community. I'm very glad I did that, because otherwise those hateful comments would probably be rampant there now and I wouldn't be able to do anything about it at all. I have asked reddit via the contact form, what will become of my sub, after I myself can no longer influence or moderate it, however, I no longer expect an answer to it and a factual one certainly not.

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