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I'll settle for him being exposed as a fag and thus Nancy instantly becomes a fag hag.

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Yeah, I had a crazy guy come into my house with a knife and Republicans didn't have a big problem with that either.

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    Of course the other response, which we've seen play out again and again, is for all politicians to be so horrified and scared they rush through draconian anti-free speech and spying laws to protect themselves. Waiting for the whole story and looking for ways to actually protect people is better than sending thoughts and prayers and having a massive clamp down on unrelated issues.

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    I don't care that he almost died, for one simple reason. He just killed at least one person, I think it was actually 2, by crashing while driving drunk very recently. Due to his political connections he was only charged with dui instead of manslaughter. Essentially meaning he got away with murder. I have absolutely no remorse for anything bad that happens to him.

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    Like when Ted Kennedy drove his pregnant ex-girlfriend off the Chesapeake Bay docks and drowned her?

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    He wasn't charged for killing his brother in a car wreck in his youth, the recent Napa County incident merely injured the other driver.

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    Yeah. Republicans tend to support criminals. Violent criminals is newer, but they tried to have a coup, so they've softened on that too lately.

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    So this is what happens when your gay trick gets worked up/is armed with hammers & was already allowed in behind all your lines of 'security' on site?

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    Why else was he in the house with Pelosi's security force not stopping him?

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    I'm not a republican, but I certainly don't give a shit if this worthless piece of shit dies. He's married to one of the worst human beings on the planet. Fuck Paul Pelosi.

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    He's a monster who supports insider trading and communism.

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    You care by supporting border security, the rule of law, and supporting the Second Amendment.

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    True many don't care, and if a prominent pub got attacked in their home by somebody farther right dems wouldn't care either. They'd just be relieved that one of theirs didn't do it.

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    Well, how they reacted to Rand Paul getting violently assaulted is the tell here. Did they get upset and say "nobody should be violently attacked for being a Senator"? Or did they say "LOL he deserved it. And all the other Republicans too."

    Reddit was far more option 2 than option 1. For blatantly obvious reasons. I understand the Khmer Rouge genocide in Cambodia so much better now.

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    Oh this is hilarious, the shitlibs want the party to abandon gun control, and they want to arm themselves against the Trumptards.

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    I always thought the "almost died, currently having brain surgery, but he'll be fine" thing was little bit hard to swallow.