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The comments are disgustingly filled with hatred for men. Yep, this is a reddit post alright.

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That subreddit is a misandrist hellhole. And the only criteria is being "girly" so dickgirls are allowed as well 😂

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LOL at anyone trying to get laid in his Kroger uniform.

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i'm glad I didn't grow up as a male teenager in this mess we have now. So many creepy stories of false rape accusations stemming from everything from the woman cheating, to her getting pissed with the guy. But even this misandrist culture alone would just make me want to hide under a rock if I was that age.

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I looked at the common history of one of the posters in that thread and she is so proud to be a trans woman and she is literally unhappy about everything on planet Earth.

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Oh so they're a trans woman... and they're not magically happy. I wonder what's the correlation between the 2.

40% chance the problem will solve itself 😂

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Thing about the transgender movement in the United States is that they are never ever happy about anything.

If we were to meet all of their demands and feed puberty blockers to preschoolers and to give transitioning surgeries to preschoolers they would still be angry about something and they would still be committing suicide

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Suicide would increase drastically

Actually, suicide will increase drastically because of all the kids getting their transition now 😂

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OK incel, we get it, the females bad. Well, you can always just date men instead if you are so displeased with the "females". Nobody forces you to date women.

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It's more than "females bad" there is a divide in the female circle on how they think... it just ends up making males pick the easiest option.

Wait till you see all the women a few years from now crying because they couldn't be a mother. We should keep clowning on women who act stupid otherwise they won't learn.

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Fucking seriously? How childish and petty.

No offense man but grow the fuck up and go outside sometimes.🤓

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If you go out first

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Isn't the author of this thread a "transwoman"? This is just men pretending mysandry.

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Really? lol

Then that would mean that this whole post is just another fake story. This troon can only fantasize about some hetero cis man randomly asking "her" troon ass out, lol

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Pretty much what happened!

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LMAOOO so this is basically a fantasy because what male would even propose to a trans woman 😂

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Female redditor: "Are you fucking kidding me? This guy really is asking me that after interacting for less than a few minutes? Does he really think picking up someone from Facebook marketplace is the way to go?"

A completely different person, possibly a blogger or journalist working at Guardian or The Huffington Post: "Why won't men make advances???"

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Most dudes are pretty dumb tho. They ask women out any chance they can. Dudes who do this are usually looking to fuck and chuck and do not want a relationship

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Yeah but you want males to just stop asking females out lol? Great way to have natural extinction.

Females seriously can't make a fuss out of a male respectfully asking them out and going out of their own way when she says no and they complain nobody hits at them at the bar

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From the link that was posted it says that the female was selling something and the guy bought it. He then messaged her the next day asking her if she was single. That's a terrible way to ask a girl out. It's not even "respectfully asking them out " It's also not a situation where one should ask a women out because the situation was about selling/buying. "are you single" is also a terrible way to try to get a girlfriend.

Women who go to the bar make terrible girlfriends. Bar women don't go to bars to hook up or get a boyfriend. They go to have fun and get attention from men and free drinks from simps.

Men don't know how to ask women out. That is where the biggest issue is. They think women are the same as men where if a man got that type of text message he would reply and meet her that night. Women are completely different then men in terms of dating and sex.

There is no natural extinction. Majority of men and women are dating/having kids. It's a small monitory of men and women that aren't. Dating apps are full of fat women, single moms, fake women. These are the ones complaining that no one is hitting on them but its a small minority.

Back in the day you could ask a girl out because men were much respectful. These days a lot of men in western countries are trash, obese, sex crazed, don't take care of themselves. So women have to be much more careful.

But that goes for women too. Women are trash in the west. Explains all the divorces. Trashy women and trashy men equals fast divorces.

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Put that drivel away before you shame yourself irreparably.

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Men don't know how to ask women out.

I like to just come straight out and ask a lady if she spits or swallows and then I tell her that I'm asking for a friend.

I'm a romantic

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I do that too at gogo bars. The ladies love it

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You are completely wrong. Asking if she's single first is a sign of respect, in that if she's already seeing somebody else, he's not going to waste both their time, probably because HE IS LOOKING for an actual relationship. You think a dude who just wants to fuck cares if the woman has a dude already?

You have this completely upside-down.

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I apologize if my previous response gave the impression that asking if someone is single is inherently disrespectful. I understand that in some contexts, asking about someone's relationship status can be seen as a way to determine their availability for a potential relationship and can be a respectful approach.

However, it's important to recognize that the appropriateness of asking about someone's relationship status depends on the specific situation and the individuals involved. In some cases, it may be more appropriate to get to know someone better before delving into personal matters such as their relationship status. Respectful communication and genuine interest in the other person's feelings and boundaries are key in any interaction.

Ultimately, it's crucial to approach conversations and relationships with empathy, respect, and an understanding that each person's preferences and comfort levels may vary.

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Some guy: "Are you single?"
Female reddit user:

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To be fair a lot of men don't realise what a turn off texting is. You at least want a man who has the balls to ask you to your face. It probably does feel invasive to her to have a guy she doesn't know messaging her. She literally says she always meets people in public because she's scared.

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It likely was a 20-second encounter and the guy simply didn't have time to process that he found her attractive and maybe something could be made to happen.

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He probably processed it but yeah, sometimes you don't know what to say in the moment and try it afterward. I once asked a girl out without having had a conversation beforehand. I just thanked her for the boat tour on my way out, she was the guide. I wanted to have a conversation with her there but felt too self-conscious with people around. I got my bike from down the street and stopped by again to ask her out. She declined because she was moving to another country but it was not at all unwelcome, we had a pleasant conversation.

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To be fair a lot of men don't realise what a turn off texting is.

Is that why you don't want to text me?

Takes notes

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She literally says she always meets people in public because she's scared.

Isn't that literally number one rule of facebook marketplace? It's not a "female opression" thing

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“Females”: ✅ Got all I need to know about you, Op.

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Are you a female? Does this offend you?

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It doesn’t offend me so much as it informs me. There’s a certain kind of guy that refers to women as “females“.

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I would say "women" but the dictionary has a different definition of that.

Also crazy how you assume I'm a male.

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”Male”. lol

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Just look at what happened to Trump for talking about grabbing them by the cunt.

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I say bring back the sex parties, I miss them. And ladys rather than turn duwn a dude why not fuck him, Back in my young days this was common to walk up to a chick and say you want to fuck.

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"just have sex bro"

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I used to have a friend back in the '90s that had a sailboat over in another Marina he was the kind of guy that would drive his sailboat to South America and stuff it full of weed and bring it back into the states.

Whenever I would go somewhere with him he was constantly going up to nice ladies and asking them if they like to fuck.

I asked him if he gets slapped a lot, and he said that he does get slapped a lot but that he he gets a lot of pussy.

Last I heard he got arrested on some petty charge and he died in jail.

He was a lot of fun

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I only got slapped once, at bars the woman (generally speaking) are looking for one night stands. If your streight forward and ask you will get some ass, I was never good at pickup lines and coming from Vietnam you have bad habbits like hay you want to fuck.

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I miss the old days of TwoX back before it became an angry sad echo chamber.

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It had good days? I thought it was just always a female echo chamber for male complaint

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when I first joined reddit twox wasn't what it became. it was a woman focused space to vent and talk about things without a bunch of men butting in and mansplaining. For years it was great but at some point a ton of dudes pretending to be women started posting more and it turned into a place where there's nothing but complaints about men.. stories of rape/SA its nothing but a sad echo chamber. it became a weird hive mind thing and if you go against it you're heavily downvoted or banned.

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I would say it was probably due to this

I think 80% of the population is a TERF, according to the definition of TERF without the last 2 letters (which is what most queer people use anyway). People that are TERF's don't know about the word though.

Fun fact it's why they're trying to get rid of TERF and just use transphobe at this point because they realized their mistake.