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It wasn't forgotten by the banksters.

They immediately created "identity politics" to divide and conquer the unified pubic.

Prior to this, it was uncommon for people to say retarded statements like, "As a _______, I blah blah blah."

It's still stupid. Identifying as a political group is foolish. Everyone is an individual.

Act in your own ethical self interest, and things will average out.

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Exactly the comment I was expecting. People don't realize identity politics was largely driven by occupy.

Now the banksters wave the gay flag and have all the support from the useful idiots they could ever want

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You are wrong about occupy being driven by identity polotics. It was destroyed by identity politics. That was the subversion strategy wallstreet used to divide and conquer them. It wasn't until well into the protest that it started to creep in. That is when people started getting on the megaphones and preached social justice and demanded "reparations" and special considerations for their opressed group.

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It was destroyed by identity politics. That was the subversion strategy wallstreet used to divide and conquer them. It wasn't until well into the protest that it started to creep in.


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So you're saying I shouldn't hate trannies and gays who shove their lifestyle down my throat just because it's a purposely divisive tactic the banksters or whoever-the-fuck created?

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It wasn't forgotten by the banksters. They immediately created "identity politics" to divide and conquer the unified pubic. Prior to this, it was uncommon for people to say retarded statements like, "As a _______, I blah blah blah."

Are you... really young?

Yes, in the '90s it was perfectly common for people to say "As a _______, I blah blah blah." It had more of a "that's interesting" than "that's important" vibe, but it wasn't uncommon.

The current wave of identity-politics-all-the-time really began in 2014. Many people say that Tumblr was ground zero, though it quickly spread everywhere. OWS was three years earlier.

I don't think identity politics was foisted upon us by organized agents. I think it was just our culture losing its shit. Partly because this was around the time that Obergefell was being decided and, as a result, American Christianity was completely losing its status as a political force.

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/u/Hematomato Are you a new sock puppet alt?

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Nah, I'm new here. Came over from Squabblr and Discuit when they turned out to be terrible.

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And interestingly they now crop out the Indian guy from that famous pic of the bankers looking down on Occupy

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Yeah. Doesn't fit the narrative of "white = bad".

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"Stakeholder Capitalism" goes way back to the 90s.

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Where was it used? Do you have a source?

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Only my memory, but you could just go digging around in the WSJ archives of the era to find articles about it. I'm not denying that something changed which made the confluence of leftwing identity politics and practical neoliberalism more visible in the 20-teens. I'm just saying that it had been moving in that direction since at least the 90s, during the whole RATM era.

I have an anecdote. Back then there was an "anarchist" prank-comedy outfit riding the coattails of Michael Moore called the Yes Men. Their big stunt was to get space at a WTO conference to present a plan for offshoring labor to Africa, using neoliberal jargon to essentially propose plantation slavery. It was kind of a self-own because what they described was setting African workers up in little soviets with socialist benefits using language meant to appease marxoids.

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it's possible that it was mentioned at that time. Maybe as an arrow in their quiver.

I specifically recall it being deployed during the 99% awakening.

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In 2010 there was a pretty big riot in Toronto for the G20 summit. Now if you criticize globalism or the banks you're a far right, antisemitic conspiracy theorist.

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    It was EXTREMELY successful imo.

    It marked the beginning of the Socialist/Marxist wave that is the modern left.

    It's basically that and Tumblr SJW/Wokeness that defines the modern left.

    It also switched from most of the elites being right wing/republican to left wing. The tech billionaires were already supplanting them but this is what caused the institutional change where even the finance bros are largely left wing PC principle types now.

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    The rise of big tech, pharma and the medical industrial complex toppled the oil industry oligarchs.

    Alex Jones' The Obama Deception covers how Obama purged the old power brokers and brought in the new ones.

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    What do you think killed it? That was also around the time they decided to unleash the woke agenda for that very purpose.

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    My take is that the general public got tired of the movement; privileged communists LARPing on the streets always gets tiresome, just as it did with CHAZ and BLM. The people actually suffering - middle & lower class in the south - suffered silently and fell into drug addiction. But ultimately I assume it was Obama. Who were the activists going to criticize? The young, charismatic, progressive black president? The big corporations dressed themselves up in pride flags and DEI and used them as a shield.

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    Oh yeah, I was college age and wherever I went, there was “Occupy Something,” with ever declining quality. I come from pretty humble roots and read the Redneck Manifesto as a teenager and pretty much knew the score from Day One. Working class youth grow into marginalized working class adults, except for a minority by very hard work, while “student activists” are generally from a sheltered class and become tenured professors. Still, through Nationalism, I considered myself somewhat open to socialism and wanted to keep an open mind. But one does not feel so nice after a while, when you’re commuting hours each day to a mostly commuter school and you can’t do something administrative because the building is closed because a bunch of entitled, dirty wannabe hippie douchebags want to whine to the center Democrat administration that they can’t make their history degrees free. I’m sure that experience was happening all over America.

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    Adam Curtis reckoned it was because they didn't have a clear alternative to the system, they just wanted to tear shit down.

    No one is going to back that except rich people and stupid people.

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    Like most movements, Occupy Wall Street was co-opted by crazy people, taken over, and had the actual people who cared kicked out. Only difference here is, their enemies were the ones who orchestrated it. I remember this distinctly back in 2011 as I was enrolling in college at the time and remember the protestors making it harder for me to get to the campus. I supported the message, but unless they're all armed, protests NEVER work. They're a giant waste of time.

    When the corporate people had crazies infiltrate OWS, they then used the mainstream media to openly mock them, dismiss them, and discredit them. I remember it being the first time the mainstream news got so petty and immature. Nowadays, it's the norm, but besides Gamergate in 2014, the news outlets had never been so openly immature and unprofessional like that prior to wokeness taking full force in 2016 with Ghostbusters. Eventually, I put two-and-two together and figured out what happened and how corporate destroyed the movement with retards like that girl named Ketchup. (The "Where's her brother, Mustard?" memes were funny, though.) But yeah, 2011 was the rise of the modern Social Justice Warrior.

    Biggest irony of all is, nowadays, the woke retards and Redditors worship big corporations, which I guess was the plan all along. Disney, Microsoft, Apple, Nintendo, Marvel, and especially Pfizer.

    But yeah, no matter the side of politics, whether it be BLM, the Alt-right, Body Positivity, Tall Girls & Short Kings, or Occupy Wall Street, these social media movements always get hijacked by the most insane people and self-destruct because of them. Which ones were co-opted by the opposition (like Occupy Wall Street) and which ones organically fell apart because they were exclusionary from the start (like BLM) is anyone's guess.

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    Momentum got them in the end. And those bodies tend to stay at rest.

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    Simply put, hashtag activism doesn't work. It has a tendency to generate more opposition than support.

    Successful protest movements in history had leadership, funding and strategy.

    Hashtag protest movements are just a bunch of idiots yelling a bunch of stuff, and the more stupid and inflammatory the things they're yelling, the more those messages rise to the top.

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    Starbucks did a great trade out off them, though.

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    What exactly do you (or does anyone) think a general strike would accomplish? Some shit about the minimum wage, or healthcare? Do you really think any of that will help?

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    In theory, a strike or boycott is supposed to starve the powers that be from a cash flow enough to make them bend to the mob. Since they have unlimited power now and own practically everything, a strike is completely useless unless enough people intend to uproot from the system and rely entirely on themselves and each other by cutting out the middle man.

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    "Bend to the mob" and do what, though? Do you really think a few billionaires saying, "fine, we'll agree to be less rich" is what's missing from our society? Don't you think economic inequality, the need to work, etc. are just inherent to life? We live in a world of scarce resources and they have to be allocated. How would you propose we do this differently?

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    Ima be real with you, that's a great point.

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    It worked as planned. The loony Leftists made 0bama look like a moderate by comparison. It was Obama's Winning Strategy.