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r/conspiracy is a normie hell. Two thirds of the people there think we landed on the moon, and they call themselves conspiratorial? At least it was in 2020, the last time I was there. I'm assuming it didn't get any better. That placed started getting astroturfed horribly after covid. Normies can stay away.

Fuck cloudflare in the ass painfully.

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Cloudflare is what shields us from the normies. 💪

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Yeah, normies probably wouldn't put up with cloudflare. That's a good point.

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Yeah I mean, I gave away for free a large amount of my record collection over there and mentioned Saidit in the comment section for over a year, still, only few people listened despite that I reached thousands of people daily. I don't think It's so much that people didn't want to help but rather, they don't see how hopeless the situation is when it comes to saving social media. So I myself am just hoping for reddit to shut down r/conspiracy and have people move over here...

It's not just a matter of saving free speech, It's about protecting the level of discourse, having organic communities and protecting the media sites from corruption. It's a lot of work and few people really get it...

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Absolutely, and I saved a lot of it too, hahaha. And it's always appreciated.

Towards the end there, which was 2020 for me, it got comical. You couldn't even get people to acknowledge "on the record" conspiracies, like Gulf of Tonkin for example. You talk about 9/11 and get called a flat earther. It was wild. Way too much gatekeeping, and way too many people trying to discredit free thinking by name calling and shifting conversation. I haven't been on Reddit since, and I'll never look at it again. I get my fill from all the posts here, hahaha.

It is a lot of work, and I've thanked you for it many times, and it really is appreciated. I mean that. I honestly don't have the wherewithal to do it, my spare time is very, very limited, and I'm glad there are people like you to put stuff together in a cohesive way.

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By definition no normie visits /r/conspiracy, which is a fringe group.

In case you forgot its definition: normie, a normal person, who behaves in the same way as most other people in society

Since most people (that means more than 50% of the population) do not visit /r/conspiracy, they are not normies.

Perhaps you wanted to say that most people visiting /r/conspiracy seriously have the intelligence of a peanut. Now, that's a thesis that I could get behind. Of course, if you can't properly communicate your ideas, we have to consider the possibility that you are also not the intellectual wonder you believe to be.

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Settle down there blobby. Everything you just said has no merit because the place is full of normies. Over. You don't even have to be an intellectual wonder see it. You could be 8 years old and see it.

I don't claim to be an intellectual wonder. I'm clearly not, I used to visit r/conspiracy, and it was full of normies. Normie.

Do you feel better now?

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we landed on the moon

"We" didn't land on the moon, but the military-government did. We also did not build the space stations which orbit the earth at all times.... They did. We only pay for it. They (not we) have launched thousands of satellites that constantly orbit the earth. And when people like Elon Musk talk about next sending us to Mars, he means you pay for it with your tax dollars, but they are the ones trying to escape this planet. Other nations are also busy launching their rockets, like the Russians. It's as if the rich and powerful rulers, working for the dragon, know the Lord is returning and they want to hide from his wrath, rather than repent and turn from their wicked ways.

[...] though they climb up to heaven, thence will I bring them down. Amos 9:2

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We're gonna be big time now.

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Any day now...

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So when does James Bond enter the picture, fuck the girl, blow up the bad guy and fuck the girl again?

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no wonder they have been brigading and trying to shut this place down.

Thats how you know this place is legit.

Cant say the same for other places that were once anti establishment and yet are no longer targeted by leftist groups for some (((reason)))