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That's actually pretty frightening. Lines up with my theory that posting anonymously online will soon become impossible or illegal. Thank you.

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This is what SOPA and other bills tried to do, Biden supported taking away your anonymity!

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Nicki Haley said she planned to do this day one then tried to walk it back after she was criticized. I had a feeling she knew it was already the plan and blurted it out due to stupidity.

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It won't be made outright illegal... at least soon. It will be more and more inconvenient, and you will end up being effectively cancelled unless you conform to this ideology.

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Yeah... I can see them passing a bill, though. In the interests of protecting natural security, children, or something. Really, just an excuse to formally bind up everybody's online musings with their real-life identity. Basically creating a fully-functional social credit system. Fun.

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It's pretty creepy, and I wonder what level of aggression and gradient over time this is going to happen. Twatter started this thing at one point where they required a phone number just to make an account, and locked people out of all older accounts unless they could 2FA ping the e-mail they signed up on. We're basically turning into communist China.

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This was always the end-game historically. It probably started back when they lost control and the serfs were able to learn to read or exploit movable printed type to spread information the establishment did not like.

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but when other users post a workaround, the loophole is quickly closed.

That's like killing someone in broad daylight, then putting up ads asking for witnesses to come and testify for a cash reward, then killing everyone who comes to cover your tracks.

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In 2016, we were told that the election of Donald Trump would usher in an era of totalitarianism.

Turns out, the people who made that claim did not do so from a place of fear. They were simply telling us how they intended to respond.

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I saw some discussions about it online. It's definitely sparked some controversy. I understand the need for moderation, but banning anonymous users entirely seems drastic.

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Anonymity can be important for privacy and safety reasons. But I guess Reddit has its reasons for wanting more transparency.

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It's a fine line between fostering open dialogue and preventing abuse. I wonder how this will affect the dynamics of the platform.

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Speaking of platforms, have you guys checked out ? They offer a variety of services, including web development and digital marketing. Seems like a great resource for businesses looking to enhance their online presence.

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Thanks for sharing! I'll definitely take a look. Enhancing our online presence is crucial, especially with so many digital platforms out there.

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There. It happened. Somehow Reddit managed to get worse. Something tell me, things will continue to suck AFTER elections.

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Behind the scenes? They sound pretty overt to me

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Stop dwelling on Reddit.

Evolve beyond Facebook, Reddit, etc. - and SaidIt - where you have no say in how your "town square" is managed.

Demand community self-regulation!

(With or without ego, the owner(s) still has(have) veto if the community is infiltrated towards subversion away from their mission statement.)

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Someone really needs to break up these corporate tech monopolies.