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Mods are managing your voice with sledgehammers... Aaron Swartz would be spinning in his grave if he saw what a corporate cesspool Reddit has devolved into..

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I think he knew the day would come. He saw what happened with and myspace and other websites. He knew this stuff has a lifecycle.

And that's why he was brilliant enough to make reddit open source, to give sites like saidit a chance to exist when reddit fails.

The man was truly forward-thinking in every sense of the word.

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By 50/50 I thought you meant half had been removed.

But no you meant all 50 out of 50 were removed.

I would say I'm shocked, but I know reddit well enough I'm more just disappointed at this point. So glad we have saidit. Because if you made this exact post on reddit, it'd probably get deleted too and I'd never see it.

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What website did you go to to see this?

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I think its or something like that