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Yeah this is like 5 years ago when there was a video of a cop shooting a dog that went super-viral. People were PISSED. And then reddit started plugging up everywhere it could be posted, changed tons of subreddit rules to disallow it, and basically made it disappear. It was similar to what is happening now.

And a few anti-cop subs were closed down, and the only one left is the absolutely ridiculous and non-serious sounding /r/bad_cop_no_donut, which makes a mockery of the whole concept. Much like /r/conspiracy does of serious ideas of collusion between powerful people. It's by design, so people think they're having their say but they're relegated to having this ridiculous title to do so. I'm glad saidit allows us to break out of that.

And that was 2014. Now it's like 3 levels more blunt and ridiculous. There's basically no non-MSM perspectives on reddit anymore, even in the comments, unless you know where to look and how to sort. It's just obnoxious and I rarely learn anything from reddit anymore, which is the main reason why I use it.

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that's why that sub has such a stupid name

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Yup. There was one called something more neutral like "PoliceMisconduct" or something, but it got banned or shut down if I remember. They basically forced it to happen.

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Yep, that was the neutral one. Far better than BCND, we used to cop brigades from em constantly. Never from PM though, solid lil sub that was.

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Well on saidit we have /s/PoliceMisconduct so feel free to fill it up!

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Interesting... Watchpeopledie was already quarantined but now got banned. This is the first quarantine to ban that I've heard of. Maybe there's a need for Reddit alternatives after all!

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They banned it to stop the spread of a video.

Everyone else seems to too.

Why are they censoring the video? What is in it? Now I want to download the video, which I would never want to do normally.

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The video is at least half of the crime, live streamed murder. I don't know why all standards and policy is being thrown out the window over this particular video though. On Reddit you can't even link to the guy's written manifesto.

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On Reddit you can't even link to the guy's written manifesto.

That part is especially bizarre. It's like they only want people to read what they want them to read about this event. How dare people go source their own information directly! lol

Reddit's overreaction is doing them no favors in terms of their usership, but I guess the opinion of whoever is paying the bills matters more to them now. But apparently whoever is paying the bills does not realize that they are repeating the mistakes of

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WPD co-creator here; while we got sweet FA from Admins - as is tradition - when the banhammer was swinging, I daresay it was due to the press picking up the fact we didn't remove said video. Coupla journo's on Twitter were losing their shit about it (latching on to MrPs sticky comment initially) it gained traction, then Admins scraped the video.

Naturally, our users started sharing the link in PMs instead, so the thread was locked. Didn't stop em, so Admins nuked us, r/Gore, et al. Even the Discussion sub which specifically disallows links of any kind that weren't to itself.

So, that's it in a nutshell and now I'm here haha

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ot, but your comment never hit my inbox!

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What, saidit messed up?

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maybe a memory cell in the server ram died. rip.

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Well fml but thanks for reporting it.

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    Heh, we talked with em all right. Still, here we are eh?

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    Maybe /r/ImGoingToHellForThis also gets banned. Mod already got banned temporarily as far I have heard:

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    Nah, they locked their sub temporarily cos the username was losing their shit with memes and Admins were banning freely. Lucky they did, cos Reddit changed their ToS a few hours later that def would have got them nuked from orbit.

    If MrP was on their team (can't remember offhand tbh) I know he copped a ban, so did Tejmar.

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    And now I am here.