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Well at least it didn't end in people harassing the parents of a victim of suicide this time

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Hold up what?

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Copied straight from, well, Reddit:

"After the bombing, a very intense circlejerk devoloped where some redditors tried to find the culprits. These folks mistakenly identified some missing kid of eastern descent as the perpetrator, which lead to this poor kid's mom receiving threats from random internet people. The kid was later found dead in a river if I recall correctly."

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And these little power-tripping twats did it on the basis of accusations on issues outside of Reddit.

This is where normalizing censorship leads.

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Dude, that's right on point. When people are banned for things that happen outside a sub-reddit you know the mods have achieved god complex mode. At this point it's actually normal to be banned from a sub-reddit for participating in another.

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Apparently this was all orchestrated by one woman who got mad because he didn't want to have an international long-distance relationship with her after chatting for under a month, with her current husband helping her destroy him. Probably spun some tale about how awful this one guy treated her in the past and Nice Guy husband was happy to white knight and help her out. P0x0rz was the mod involved, though I'm not sure if he's the husband.

Of course the way the /r/Fantasy mods handled it was atrocious with the most disingenuous apologies ever.