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Seems like the plebs have been given permission from their overlord to criticize those who may not be criticized.

Following comment chain perfectly illustrates this point:

Legitimate criticisms should be listened to. No country should be able to dismiss every criticism as being hate speech.


We'll put. I've been frustrated by that narrative for years.

followed by:

pretty much. governments tactic is: when you can't get what you want with brute force, play the victim card and claim bullying

and then, back to usual:

So basically the Republican/fascist playbook.

Easy to spot the shills.

Refreshing to see normies talking about:

I mean it works for Isreal because they hijacked the atrocities that happened to the Jews in WWII. Nothing like profiting from the genocide of your own people.... My fuck.


Some VERY specific trolling and thought-form redirection in this one:

If you check on Wiki, it was more of a push-pull phenomenon and during the recent Intelligence Squared debate, the point was made that Jews and Arabs had lived in relative harmony for centuries until Zionism told them Now you have a home and Arab nationalism responded in kind.