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Voat is a cesspit, I challenged the echo-chamber there once and I was practically banned, there was no need to go back because FUCK waiting 24 hours for the ability to discuss things with people and question their beliefs. Considering it totes itself as being "free-speech" the voting system censors you more than reddit. Also bonus points for every other comment calling me a "glowie". Fucking schizos man...

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you no i love a good cesspit as much as any man, but i really cant stand the whole 24 hour wait period. thats wear they really messed it up. and the echo chamber never ends. what use is commenting if you cant even have a discussion aye.

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you no



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TIL what a glowie is. Galileo was a glowie.

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I noticed that too, and it's a form of censorship that is even worse than at reddit.

If you try to counter any of the racist shit over there on voat, you get downvoted into oblivion and then are limited to 1 reply per 24 hours. Really bad system.

Gab also started out as a free speech alternative but has now come out and started banning topics that are not Christian enough. Really bizarre.

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It's weird that the reddit people think saidit is racist but here we are complaining about racism.

I hope Gab doesn't pull a Butch Hartman tho. Regardless, Jesus is Lord

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It's weird that the reddit people think saidit is racist but here we are complaining about racism.

You can't listen to what any of these extreme leftie types consider "racist" or "offensive" because according to them, by definition, it's "everything that doesn't strictly conform to my messed up ideology".

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Racism is part of free speech. You can't have actual Free Speech without "hate speech". I'm not racist, but I accept that some less evolved people are. But I prefer Voat to here, because Voat knows the pure evil that jews are.

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"because Voat knows the pure evil that jews are."

ok boomer

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If you try to counter any of the racist shit over there on voat, you get downvoted into oblivion

Sort of like what would happen if you were to go to a socialist forum and start enlightening them about the communist shit they spew. #ShockedFace

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Capitalism, free-marketalism and Socialism work hand-in-hand.

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Sort of like if you tell an ameritard that socialism goes hand-in-hand with CAPITALISM and is also, just like capitalism itself, OPPOSED to communism. Brain. Explodes. Right?

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Saidit, Raddle and Co. are all the same- Echo Chambers for their respective beliefs and (dis)-illusions. All those sites just represent one side and view only and reinforce the lie that they are a bastion of free speech and DIScussion. None of them encourage true exchange and discord. Most of their members are bi-polar -it's either One or the Other. Now, all the Reddit and Voat rejects are starting to migrate to this site and making it more of an echo chamber. I already know which posts will get the most upvotes and laughs, whose opposing voices are not heard on all those other reddit alternatives. SaidIt is not any different with it's target members group.

One of the reasons I'm still on Reddit is it's diversity of people, opinions and worldviews.

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Reddit used to say that if you don't like a community you can start your own and that's what people did. Then reddit decided that certain opinions and communities should be banned and used silly excuses to accomplish this. Now you say that saidit is an echo chamber because people with certain opinions were driven out of reddit one way or another and found an alternative? Obviously leftists and antifas have no reason to leave reddit.

There's little diversity in reddit as it is now with communities banned every day. Unless by "diversity" you mean something totally different.

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I guess he means DIFFERENT people all agreeing on the SAME THINGS. ;-)

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One of the reasons I'm moving away from Reddit is it's attacks on that diversity of people, opinions and worldviews.

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Dude lay off the drugs.

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It became something like the deformed child of reddit and 4chan. Both extremes are terrible, I'm liking it here.

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ya im liking saidit alot, the whole environment they have created with this site is very good.

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The comment restriction was to help stop shills from spamming and brigading all the time. It's very easy to get the votes that you need, just find a fresh thread that's becoming active and make short circle jerk comments that everyone would agree with and you'll get the votes very quickly. Also, not a cesspit but more the Cantina scene from Star Wars.

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Sounds like the voat system is working well.

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Yep, their CCP system is shit and people have been complaining for years. You could try Poal, lots of ex Voaters go there.

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Poal?? Odd name.

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I know about your theory, I can't say it's wrong

For a site with intentionally racist (against blacks) captchas, it's strange that they also put a menorah in the header every hannakuh.

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Lol, a menorah. It's the same 666 sign that Trump and all the Alt-right eurasianists do, it means Gabbai or paying hoamge to a Jewish Synagouge. OHHHHH WOOW, where have I heard of before? Oh that's right a site that has racists on it attacking all Jews when it is owned by Jews. Makes you go hmmmmmmm.

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It is a honey pot lol

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Like Voat, Poal and GAB all have users spewing the n-word every other sentence. Probably half are bots doing this.

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Notice this Zionists Gabbai hand gesture. Doing deeds for the synagouge was that inteded purpose., gabbai.

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I wrote this awhile back:

Gab = Gabai or Gabbai = doing services and deeds for a synagouge. Owner is a Zionist. It is incorporated as Gab AI, Inc., hence Gabai. How much more overt can it get, lol.That site was then accused of allowing a mass murderer fester his beliefs on their site which led to him conveniently shooting up a synagouge. The shooting was a psyop hoax where DHS was there a few weeks ago to practice te active shooter drill but the deed was completed. The owner shared a video of Milo Yiannopoulos, he was then banned from Facebook, probably as a controlled opposition. Milo is a gay Zionist Jewish Eurasianist who adores Trump. He also think pedophilia is okay.

Poal = Zionist Bolshevik Poal party

Twitter = Zionist owned

Facebook = Zionist owned

YouTube = Zionist owned

Bitchute = Zionist owned

153news = Google employee owned who is a Zionist ; and practices some weird mystical Torah/Kabbalah mix. = Zionist owned

Don't forget the alternative to all this Zionist propaganda: = owned by a Jewish Marxist revolutionary.

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It's pretty terrifying when you see them all listed out like this. This whole 2016 rise of the alt-right thing has been really effective for them it seems.

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And many of them are eurasianists. Makes you wonder why they love Trump so much.

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Straight from 1984 I guess. Sheeple never learn.

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Well, sort of. Eurasianist policy simply favors the multilateral BRIC alliance at the expense of a unilateral world.

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Yeah it's not bad in and of itself, it's the name that brings up 1984...

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He also think pedophilia is okay.

That's what they wanted you to think. In truth he, like many gay man, was molested as a child. Like Sartre and Polanski, who also had sex with children.

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Oh, so he has "had sex with children"? You mean BEING A PEDOPHILE. There is no "having sex with children." It is RAPING CHILDREN.

I name you jew. Try harder.

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No, it was Sartre and Polanski who did that. Milo was molested as a child, like many gay men.

I'm not Jewish, genius.

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Well, you're so well brainwashed by them that you can pass off for one on the Internet. Good job, goy.

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You have got to stop treating everyone as the enemy. It is your greatest weakness. It's why nobody gets on board. You attack them and drive them off.

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He literally said he thought a man boy relationship was okay, and he said his priest gave him good head. The guy is a gross, disgusting Eurasianist. Many homosexuals have underage relationships.

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What about Voat my dude, got any insight? I like it here, but many are uninformed of the pure evil that jews are. We need more jew awareness.

Maybe I will do some education.

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Voat, is very secretive. But they have so many shills and there is so much disinformation their it has to be a honeypot. And now you have to sign in just to read there.

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Yes, that worries me. Yet so few people seem ready to accept the truth here, while over there, they appear to be legion.

For example, anti-pornography posts are many on Voat, few on Saidit. Anti-weed, the same.

I'm not criticising saidit, but I find that truth is having a harder time than I would hope in gaining a foothold on here.

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i actually heard of poal the other day, i very nearly created a account. i may have to give it a shot, see what its made of.

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Yeah, I tried voat. All the karma requirements and the fact that no wanted to actually upvote made me leave the site.

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Welcome I guess.

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I like Voat a lot. At least the goats know about (((them))). Here, you get the "they're not that bad, come on" occasional fucktard.

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Come on. Here's Richard Stallman, actively working against big corporations and the government oppressing you. Guess what? He's Jewish.

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Ah, yes. The proverbial "good jew". As duplicitous, manipulative, underhanded and hypocritical as they are, don't think for one second they don't have some of theirs playing the "good jew". That should be obvious.


Good guy, goy.

He's pushing all the world-destroying bullshit too, so yeah, nice try, shill. Did the B'nai B'rith send you?

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How long of a list of good Jews or neutral Jews would it take to make you second guess this "all Jews" stuff?

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Start with the 6 million who never died in any hollow cost.

Find me a jew who has demonstrated to be a moderate capitalist-socialist, anti-war, anti-zionist, anti-usury, anti-pornography, anti-homosexuality and all these deviant degneracies, and I might start listening. If he denies anthropogenic climate change, denounces the atrocities in Israel and central banking, condemns loudly and clearly the Rothschild, Rockefeller and other ultra-rich slavers, and warns about the up-and-coming totalitarian world dictatorship, I will listen. He will be the first to make the list of jews I SUSPECT might be respectable.

Not before that. Until then, each and every single one of them is the POISON OF THE EARTH incarnate.

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Problem is, you mine as well lump in the majority of all peoples into your case as well.

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So what if I do. They got corrupted by jews, that's nothing new. It's basically ALL THEY DO. How could they not, for they are the poison of the world.

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These "Jews" were still persecuted nonetheless though.

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They were "persecuted" unimaginably little compared to their uncountable and most grievous crimes against all mankind.

That's like saying Charles Manson got persecuted for his beliefs.

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People like you are insane. We don't want you here.

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Oh, look. A Jew. How quaint. I've been here much longer than you have, subhuman parasite.

Who's "we"? You? Not only am I welcome here as a voice of reason, but my presence here is NEEDED.

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Hi Hitler. Why you hate porn? Why do you care what someone does in their bedroom?

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I don't. Why are you a subhuman parasite? Wait, I know: because rotting others and taking advantage of mortal people's predicament to empower yourselves is all you know to do. It was ever thus, even 25,000 years ago.

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He might have communist tendencies, which I don't appreciate. Also, his head is in the clouds many times. He speaks out against surveillance (be it government or corporate) - I hope you see this hints at him not being totalitarian.

Without his Free Software work, our freedom to communicate would be much more limited.

I grew up wanting to become a "hacker", so I used Linux, and ended up being a software developer. He's one of my personal heroes.

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Stallman might not be a totalitarian, but his candidate of choice is. He doesn't SAY the words, but he is nonetheless.

So he did some good work. That's nice. You don't get to pose as the "good jew" without doing SOMETHING decent.

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You mean Trump?

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I was talking about his Stallman dude. I don't know the guy, but this guy says he did some good. Yooptidoo.

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Oh, even better, are you not a fan of any self hating Jews? What about David Cole or Norman Finkelstein?

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That's a good question and I think that they should try to improve their society the same way a "self hating -insert ethnicity-" should do something to improve his own society.

For example, some French might see that there's something wrong with French society, then they may try to change it or live as expats if life in France is intolerable, but what if they made it a point to improve German society instead?

Of course there are Jews who are fed up with Jewish life and decide to seek an alternative. For some, life becomes difficult, like the poet Joseph Eliya who was driven to poverty and death by the Jewish community of Ioannina when he came to the conclusion that Jews should accept Jesus, and now Jews celebrate his poetry without mentioning his end. And then there are the crypto-jews, like the Donmeh in Thessaloniki, who created the Young Turk movement that ended in the creation of modern Turkey through the genocide of Christians.

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If Jesus was the Messiah, then those who follow "The Way," are the only real Jews today. Nobody follows the way. That means Christiandom does not follow Jesus, only in sacrament and ritual, and Jews with help from Pagan Rome killed Jesus. So, if Jesus was the Jewish Messiah, then those who follow his teachings are the true Jews.

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Agreed. And agreed on the "christians" who go to church and say the words, but behave like mindless animals. They aren't following Christ.

I think you and I are.

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They are anti-Christ, just as Atheists are. Jesus's teachings are far from crazy, they are filled with love and helping the needy and unfortunate.

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No, Jesus never told people to help the needy and unfortunate.

[–]Jesus 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (1 child)

Yes he did.

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Jesus' teachings are a belief-based placeholder and prelude to an exact mental science.

Now that this science exists, it is easy to scientifically reconstruct his words and also identify the tampering of said words that has been performed.

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That sounds like doublespeak to me. Jesus clearly said to follow him and do good to everyone including your enemies. His words were clear.

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And who cares if they hate themselves? I don't hate jews, and hatred of any living thing is insanity.

Also, when you go to the toilet, do you name your turds? Shit is shit right. Jew is jew.

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I found Finkelstein's disqus in which he use to post on the unzreview owned by a Jew who posts pro-National Socialist material. Odd don't you think? Anyway, Finkelstein is a bonafide Zionist, like many other Jews that push this material, his posts were literally a notch down from the Likud view but close nonetheless. I didn't contemplate that Zionists worked hand-in-hand with Nazis until much later in my research due in part to their egocentrism and ethnocentrism. Needless to say the politicking Jews can utilize the Marxist or Nationalisitc Zionist view to puch their agenda.

Moreover, Zionistic Jews and Nazis were opposed to each other but worked together because they understood they both wanted an ethnic state of their own.

As for the common Jew, most of them are normal human beings.

Cole is good but promoted Porn. That being said I love all people. wr all have our faults.

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Being "good" yet promoting porn? Porn is the downfall of modern man.

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I agree.

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You probably think weed should be illegal too

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Oh no. I am for the legalization of all drugs. I may be a National Socialist, but I am not against freedom at all.

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How should I know their names. I stay as far away from their poison as possible. Jewish so-called "humor" is as much poison for the soul.

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So your anti-Judaic then??

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I am Christian. I follow the way of Christ. I denounce them as the willful, gleeful spreaders of all evil on Earth since their ancestors embraced evil so many thousands of years ago. It's their "tradition" and so deeply ingrained into their collective soul that there is hardly any hope for the recuperation of any of them to the status of actual people. They have become more corruption than being.

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Except that Jesus said to love your enemies and do good to them. Jesus said they call themselves Jews but they are not. If Jesus was Jewish, and he was, as he was taught by the Hillel sect, then the modern day so-called Jews are not really Jewish, no? If Jesus was the Messiah, he was not Christian nor did he ask for a church, he asks for people to follow him and practice "The Way." As simple as that. Jesus's way is the real Judaism of the new covenant. The only Judaism that not Christendom nor any modern Judaic sect practices. Both of these institutions are levitical and set up a hierarchy at odds with "The Way."

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I do good unto these enemies of all mankind by denouncing their evil.

Also, you can't take everything that's in the bible as pure cash. It's been tampered with.

Jesus was Galilean and Galileans were not related genetically to jews, although the Galilee itself was under jewish dominion and religious law. Technically.

As for the rest, you put "judaism" everywhere but it really has nothing to do with them.

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That's fine, for Jesus said to expose the principalities of darkness. But do you really think all people who call themselves Jews in this modern day world or who follow those who follow the Old Covenant, only, are at fault here?

How about Atheistical Jews who believe they are merely Jewish because of ancestry? It would be impossible to determine if you descended from the 12 Tribes of Israel.

So, basically, if Jesus was the real Jew, then those who follow him, I mean, actually follow him and his way are the REAL JEWS of modern times. Few people do this and those that do are hardly heard of.

But as a Samaraitan who helped the sick man, he certainly was not a Jew, and Jesus stated that that Samaritan would thus be judged rightfully by God. And he says, go do what this Samaritan does, follow my way. Did this Smaritan know of Jesus, no, did he know of the bible? It wasn't written! So, God speaks through people, no matter their institutionalized religion, as long as they open up themselves to God. If you follow Jesus, without ever knowing who he is, for simply being born in a geographically remote region, still, God will judge you righteously.

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Jesus was taught in the Hillel sect that then thought it would be okay to charge interest.

Jesus was taught by a Rabbi which is why he understood Judaic thought. He, of course was far different than any Pharisee or Levitical jew during that time period. For he understood the hypocrisy of the oral tradition.

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So, Jesus did not practice Judaism then?

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I don't know, Voat is probably just a bunch of CIA agents circlejerking in their spare time. Or punishment for missing the mark. Or training for Intel.