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That sounds like doublespeak to me. Jesus clearly said to follow him and do good to everyone including your enemies. His words were clear.

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Oh yes. It was of course masterfully and perfectly done. But like every other Messenger from the higher planes of existence, his teachings were good for an era, which stretches approximately between 5,000 years ago and 1,000 years from now.

The next iteration of the Divine Inspiration if you will, is scientific in nature because man, well - SOME FEW INDIVIDUALS - have evolved enough by now that they are ready to adopt a scientific approach to the keys of the mastery of life instead of the beliefs-based doctrine which he offered us and was so useful for a race that was not ready for the science of his teachings, but only to follow and do as he proposed.

The whole idea of our experience here on Earth has always been, since the fall from Eden, for us to evolve mentally in order to attain again a paradise-worthy state. This could only be achieved in steps obviously, and every time there are people who are ready for the next step, the Messenger appears again and offers something new. Which is why Jesus offered the jews SOMETHING NEW back then. And this is why something new is again being born into the world. This whole topic is extremely familiar to me.

But to DO GOOD UNTO THY FELLOW MAN does not necessarily mean "helping the needy". That is, by and large, the lowest and worst of Christian actions. Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to catch the fish himself and he will never go hungry. Sometimes the best thing we can do for the needy is to let them experience their need thoroughly until they lift themselves out of the cesspool of the needful existence. Bolstering THAT process is a much greater deed although it might not be immediately obvious to anyone that such a thing is what an action does, in the present time.

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his teachings were good for an era

You're not a follower of Jesus if you're spouting that.

Jesus also said to sell what you have and invite the blind, needy and mamimed into your home to eat and drink.

His message was clear, to help others in need and have compassion for the sick and disabled.

...for us to evolve mentally in order to attain again a paradise-worthy state.

That sounds like Luciferianism. Sure, we can attain a state of Eden but we must first accept Jesus as our lord and Savior and follow him. We are of flesh and we are all sinners. Jesus said go and do as I and be as perfect as you can in my way as men of God.

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5,000 years is too long for simply following. We evolve. New things must happen.

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You're right I am not EXACTLY a follower of Jesus. But close enough. Let's just say I know the plan and am not a follower of his way in the exact sense that you mean it.