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That's fine, for Jesus said to expose the principalities of darkness. But do you really think all people who call themselves Jews in this modern day world or who follow those who follow the Old Covenant, only, are at fault here?

How about Atheistical Jews who believe they are merely Jewish because of ancestry? It would be impossible to determine if you descended from the 12 Tribes of Israel.

So, basically, if Jesus was the real Jew, then those who follow him, I mean, actually follow him and his way are the REAL JEWS of modern times. Few people do this and those that do are hardly heard of.

But as a Samaraitan who helped the sick man, he certainly was not a Jew, and Jesus stated that that Samaritan would thus be judged rightfully by God. And he says, go do what this Samaritan does, follow my way. Did this Smaritan know of Jesus, no, did he know of the bible? It wasn't written! So, God speaks through people, no matter their institutionalized religion, as long as they open up themselves to God. If you follow Jesus, without ever knowing who he is, for simply being born in a geographically remote region, still, God will judge you righteously.

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I agree. However, uncle Adolf's experiments on those humanoid evil things you call "jews" prove that no matter how atheistic, how removed they are from jewish "culture" and "religion" they still do the jew thing. They are vipers and hypocrites, the same as any Pharisee. It seems to be in their DNA, which ties in perfectly with their RACIAL slant. Their religion is mostly an excuse and an accessory to their RACIAL group identity.

Which is why they boast of being "superior" people, while at the same time being afraid of genetic testing, since by their own admission, it would reveal that their genes are degenerated and of much lower quality than other races' and that by breeding with actual people, they simply spread their major genetic flaws and disease.

It's not their individual and personal fault. But their adoption of evil as a way of life for multiple millenia, and inbreeding with others following the same traditions, has caused this. Now their degeneracy is deeply ingrained in their genes. Of course only souls of the appropriately corrupted state can incarnate in such bodies.