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Extremism hates non-extremism, no surprise there. Just for the record, saidit has banned literally 5 people total in 16 months out of 8,000 users, other than obvious ad spammers who never respond. So this idea it's "even worse than reddit" in terms of censorship is just silly.

Meanwhile they have "ProtectVoat" brigades that will censor you to -20 if you say anything out of line with their site culture, ensuring you never get to use your downvotes yourself, because it requires a user score of 100 to be able to use.

The post on voat is basically propaganda, to beg people to keep them from leaving the extremist echo-chamber they've created, imo. Not surprising at all. Let's just ignore them, and keep making this place better and better. The best way to progress forward is to build something so good that it makes the old ways obsolete.

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For this obvious reason, I even never use that shit site...

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v/guitar is excellent, and free of any and all political BS. Users post recordings that they made and have fun enjoying each others music. Friday nights are a good time for v/guitar, thanks to TheBuddha. There are some excellent musicians there.

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Compared to Voat everything is leftist. If their usual racist posts don't get upvoted here they might see a conspiracy

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lol, im not anti voat, but those dummies can enjoy their fbi ran honeypot, cause thats what voat is, rofl.

i think its funny how they talk about censorship when voat actually has more censorship on actual legit topics like pizzagate with leftist shills like millenialfalcon who came in from reddit, rofl.

voat isnt extremist, extremism is a cultural and political viewpoint. just because they say nigger doesnt mean their actually racist, their just seeing who gets twitchy, lol.

just like theres been a few posts here with that word. does that make saidit extremist? no, it doesnt. its time it becomes just a word, as it should've been and should be.

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The same thread that they're complaining about censorship, they're saying don't bother joining the conversation on voat unless you hold particular political views.

I would like to see any proof of the base claim though. Because... No offense magnora... But if this place were run by experienced Reddit admins then they would know a lot more what they're doing.

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/u/magnora7 probably isn't the best person for the job, but I don't think either of the admins are doing a bad job. Horrible nasty comments are the exception here, not the norm, and yet somehow this has been accomplished without heavy-handed moderation.

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I personally think /u/Magnora7 is one of the best people for the job – most admins are much more censorship-crazy, and /u/Magnora7 has also made enough comments that got banned to be able to understand the perspective of others with possibly-bannable comments too. /u/Magnora7 seems to have the exact same moderation philosophy as me, so I trust them a lot.

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Oh, yeah; /u/magnora7 is great! But think of how many people in the world there are, some who have more experience and would do a better job. That's getting harder, though, as time goes on and /u/magnora7 improves.

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No, I don't think the admins are doing a bad job and I don't mean to imply that. It's just that they are noticably less experienced, which should be expected. That's why the claim that Reddit admins are involved surprised me, although I guess controlled opposition is a thing too.

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Oh, I see.

Yes, I agree. I'm almost tempted to make a Voat account and tell them why they're wrong… but every time I've done something like that before it's completely backfired. (Source: my entire comment history on Saidit.)

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People don't like people running around telling them what they do wrong.

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Especially when they don't even know why the people they're telling are wrong think that way in the first place.

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....and nothing of value was lost.

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That isn't many people criticising it. Though… they're saying one of the Reddit admins is helping with the code, but I'm pretty sure they're looking at the historical pre-fork data.

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There are some alright users on Voat, but they're playing a waiting game. They think that once the number of users passes a certain point all of the hate speech will magically disappear. I really doubt it. The more obnoxious users have rigged the system there.

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Is this true?

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We have zero contact with Reddit Inc. I wish they were working on this code but they abandoned open source in 2015 with their redesign.

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2015 clearly was a year for a lot of things to get broken.

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Thank you.

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Here's bsimpson63 committing to saidit and Reddit, they're the same history, we just have his code that he contributed to Reddit directly, because we are a fork:

It's all public in our commit history:

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I mean, they do have a few good points. This site does have more censorship then voat. And it is cloned from reddit.

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what have they censored? also voat is another reddit clone as well.

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no it isnt, not exactly, voat has a much different source code.

what he's saying is saidit is a legit clone, using reddit's old open source code, lol.

the word clone is kindly used broadly to describe a type of platform or game that is similar

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voat literally was a reddit clone for a long time though before they re-wrote their source code in .NET, just throwing that out there

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ah, it was? they used the source code from reddit? didnt know that

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Yeah, back when it was called whoaverse it was on reddit code, and I think for a while when it was voat too

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Yeah I think they got scared off by the codebase, plus were ignorant (or scared of) copyright law.

Then they re-wrote themselves right in to $6k/mo Azure licensing fees lol

They're stumbling around blindly like Mr. Magoo. :P

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ah kk.

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nah, thats a lie there, i saw puttitout remove a janitor cause he expressed his worries about the new unknown guy joining up with putt.

and as described in my other post, the influx of reddit shills takin over subs like pizzagate and banning at random, that doesnt happen on saidit, so go backquiet, rofl

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I was literally about to link to this thread lmao

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Someone's never seen raddle.