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Counterpoint: u gay

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truly a law.. the law of attraction

it says, whatever you think about, you bring about

nothing you can say will make something 'go away'

only by removal/replacement can you be rid of it

the elite understand, and play us as fiddles ignorant of reality

because we are, on the whole, what they think we are

until more of us, stop, and realize the natural laws that exist

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Can you explain some more about that? I am interested in that concept.

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i am happy to do my best. but I feel you would truly be better served by a more indepth approach.. so here is some reading .. the first is like 1 page.. highly recommend you start there.

read this.. the golden key by emmit fox it is so powerful that there are multiple 'false/edited' copies floating around on the internet (example of fraud) (one actually removed the words 'scientific prayer')

also love

neale donald walsch (explores how we are at first cause in our life, that God is talking to us.. always.. )

abraham-hicks (explores how to change your mind to get the life you want.. first one that I heard talk about the law of attraction.

eckharte tolle (he discusses the 'pain body' .. the idea being when we get angry we join this pain body and it takes us over and is much like a demon.. learn to stay conscious to avoid this.. how do you do that? meditate.. be quiet in mind.. allow all thoughts to pass by without 'adding to them' .. just watch and let them pass as clouds in the sky.. and when you do this a new thing happens to us.. like when a loud noise happens i don't jump.. it is weird.. i hear it.. i calculate its meaning, but it doesn't make me simply jump)

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Did it ever occur to you that most stereotypes exist because they are broadly true?

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When they get poked they react hard.

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I think there is some interesting information-control mechanics going on in our brains.

Long story short it goes somewhat like this: The more we flood our brains with input from screens and people the more of this it actually blocks off. Just look at how information is stored now (with countless hyperlinks interconnecting all sorts of people and information) in comparison to the 1990 e.g. where you actually had to call (and especially get sme) on the phone to talk to sme and if you searched a specific piece of information you had to invest some real time and legwork.

Nowadays most of these so called "interactions" are only a swipe away. That surely makes it more accessible (as well as it surely increases the number of ppl you can meet) but it also makes it more superficial. I mean both the interactions between ppl and the way we take our information in.

There already is a whole generation that has real problems actually storing informations in their long-term-memory just because everything is very accessible and "usable" nowadays.

So my thesis is: The more information we take in and the more people we interact with per time unit the more superficial everything gets. Because it is just so easy to get all this (imo low-level)-"entertainment" everywhere.

Most ppl. just don't give a fuck anymore about anything (or at least less than they did 20 years ago) because the next best thing is just a swipe away.

On top of this are big companies hacking (or at least trying really hard to divert) your attention on their apps ands sites because in their world you ain't the customer but the product which data can be mined, stored and sold.

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And now all those interconnected links lead to broken pages from 5 years ago before the site went to the new mobile format that sucks ass. We now have rotted links where even important things cannot be found that deal in thesis/court cases,etc fundamentally changing our perception of truth itself.

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It is largely not true that they get stronger the more you deny them. They simply continue to exist and the harder you try to deny them the more they stand out to you because you expect them to diminish and they don't. They can't. Stereotypes exist for a reason and they won't go away until the underlying truth changes.

There may be specific examples of situations where, for example, a stereotype is mostly ignored until someone tries to attack it and in doing so they bring it up and into the consciousness of everyone. Then of course, anyone who isn't a complete sheep, will quickly realize the attack is ideological and the stereotype usually holds true. This will reinforce the stereotype. But that dynamic really only works when no one else is talking about the stereotype. Otherwise, it is already in the consciousness and does not get stronger or weaker.