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You may be in the highly functional range of the autism specturm.

Is it easy difficult to read other peoples non-verbal language?

You sound somewhat similar to Temple Grandin.

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I struggle with it. I know it exists but I had to learn it. And although I'm OK at reading other people now, I'm bad at communicating with my own body language. There are more resources about reading than conveying.

I have an appointment about either autism or ADHD, but they also suspect bipolar type II.

This could be due to not being properly socialized as a kid.

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You need to train to deal with your autism. Train to find other ways to pick up on how humans communicate subtly. You'll have a LOT richer and fulfilling lives with colleagues and friends. I will also say that there are lots of non autists that feel the same way as you they just don't have to jump around jobs a lot because they can figure out how to deal with awkward social situations.

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What was this post about? It was deleted

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Welcome to the club! I promise that you won't get downvoted to hell on SaidIt.

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i have just been banned from posting on incels on saidit... evidence says this site is controlled opposition!

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That's between you and those mods. If you feel those mods have broken site rules then report it at /s/SaidIt

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nah... ABANDON SHIP... saidshit is a false narrative!

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This is your final warning about dragging discussion downward on the pyramid of debate. You aren't listening to the arguments of others and are going around yelling smears like a child.

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awesome babes... ban me now!

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If you want me to, I can. You've already got two strikes. Up to you

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do it... you stupid cunt!

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Dragging discussion downward repeatedly on the pyramid of debate is against site rules, this is your 3rd strike. You have been banned.

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thank you

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You gave them every opportunity. shrug

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Man this is the wrong way to do it. Don't go full retard on the banning and threats of it. Honestly you wshould be replying from mod position EVER, unless to announce stuff. Use a single normie account.

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maybe take some time to get used to the place before you start telling people how to run it, eh?

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same to you

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incels are a bunch of sad newbies who complain that this isn't reddit, becasue really they want to be on reddit even though it banned them.

incels in a nutshell, really.

the rest of the site is where it is at. You'll be fine. And no fucker is controlling me.

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'world's issues without being called a nazi.'

You've been corrupted by social media into believing it's wrong/bad to disagree with groupthink.

As a species "thinking different" has been our greatest creative advantage - the very reason we survived and flourished.

Thinking the same is for insects.

"The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently."--Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche ...

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Conformism is one of the society's mechanisms that allows us to work together. However conforming to some rules without understanding why those rules are in place is very unreasonable and sometimes even dangerous.

The problem is: you never know whether is it you who are mentally ill or is it everyone around you stupid or wrong. Reality is subjective, unfortunately.

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intelligence is frowned upon by the average cow working in industry... intelligence needs to be cloaked or you can become hated!

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There is difference between intelligent comments, arrogance and uncalled advises. As the comments above state: dude probably has an ADHD or autism and that creates troubles for him when it comes to communicating with other people.

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I'm sorry you're in a job that is unrewarding, but if you're paying well maybe you can save up and start a business where you do work you value, and produce things you value.

As for the debt/college thing, educating yourself is efficient and smart, we are just in a cruel era where you are denied access to testing/degrees for your skills unless you basically get raped with debt and have the time to sit around at a college for years and years.

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    like the fact that i have just been banned from posting on incels on saidit... obviously the "free speech" narrative is a steaming pile of crap!

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    welcome to ultra high functioning autism

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    Find your little niche in the World and be as comfortable as you can. Be kind and generous to yourself and others. The rest will look after itself.

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    So what are your different ideas?

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    Wah I get downvoted, so what? Also have some thicker skin, nothing is gonna change for you. I have severe disability and am expected to work, think you will be excused?

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      He's a pussy blaming others for his downfall.

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      At the end of the day, you are the one that looks at yourself in the mirror. Holding true to your reality-based beliefs is more important than the approval of sheep and idiots, and their imaginary internet points.

      Working remote is great... dial in, get your stories, code them and spend your free time on things that DO interest and fulfill you.

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      Are you on the autistic spectrum by any chance? I am on the spectrum and often feel extremely similar.

      And don't get me started on societal issues. It's impossible to even point out the nuance in the world's issues without being called a nazi. These are issues I don't claim to be right on, all I do is point out nuance that does exist and try to actually discuss reality instead of a made-up situation that is far from the truth, but people either refuse to see it or aren't able to. I don't know.

      Basically I live my life never being able to say what I think without immediately becoming a pariah, and it gets to me because I've never felt accepted anywhere.

      Even posting on the internet, I always get downvoted to oblivion whenever I point out valid concerns.

      I think you will feel very at home on SaidIt, as that is pretty much non-existant here :) . No bannings for controversial opinions either, which I have gotten or almost gotten on other sites and certain subreddits.

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      I'm getting evaluated next month. People have "jokingly" called me autistic all my life, and although I can pretend to be normal, girlfriends and closer friends will always see that I'm not quite doing what they expect me to do and often drop me because of it. I have no deep connections with anyone at the moment since my ex left. Also: due to knowing how rare it is to actually meet someone who can tolerate me I always end up with the few women that have their own share of issues often falling into heavy narcissism or BPD kind of thing. Seems as if there's no winning.

      I will give saidit a shot, but maybe I'll keep this account as my alt!