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I used to love the Yogscast and the YouTubers who did Voltz Wars: Finbarhawkes, D_2the_avid, amd FmBgames, but sadly all of the nice modded series with storylines are gone :( . If I had someone to collaborate with on this, I would really like to create a series inspired by them.

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I've never watched that!

I follow build channels (i.e. Jeracraft) and some that play minigames / PvP (PopularMMOs is one of the most famous) or troll (Skeppy, Doni Bobes). I've never heard of modded storyline stuff, besides that one mostly-incoherent series PopularMMOs did. What's it about?

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Voltz Wars is basically about various conflicts that happen between the various factions, with mods like ICBM providing interesting missiles and CustomNPCs allowing for a living population other than the YouTubers themselves starting around Season 4. The best parts start with Season 3, in my opinion, where there is interesting mystique following a new antagonist one of the groups accidentally created. There are some later spinoff series that are connected to the old ones in interesting ways as well, like Magic Wars.

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The only Minecraft YouTuber I currently watch is SethBling (well, that is, when he uploads a new video once in a while). But I used to regularly watch direwolf20 and Mumbo Jumbo a couple of years ago. I guess as I, instead of actually playing the game, just wrote code for my mod all the time, my interest in seeing other people playing also kinda disappeared? I still want to play the game again, but kind of want to get the rewrite of my mod into a working state first :P

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I don't even play Minecraft, but I like watching it for some reason.

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I don't watch them often, but it'll be Sethbling and xisumavoid