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Welcome to the thrilling "Monster Girl Games Collection," where captivating creatures and daring adventures await! Embark on epic quests, strategize with charming monster girls, and conquer challenging levels. Unleash your skills, delve into enchanting storylines, and let your prowess shine – because in the realm of monster girl games, yos win. In this mesmerizing world, your prowess as a player determines the ultimate triumph.

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If there's still anybody here and would like a place where you can post monster girl lewds, there's a new monster girl imageboard at

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I think it's alright since it only links to list, which links to a torrent and only the content of that torrent is actually porn. There's enough degrees of separation between saidit and the actual porn that it should be fine. Just keep in mind the "no porn" rule wasn't my idea, so if it disappears one day that wouldn't be me. Impressive list btw, over 300 entries. When it comes to games my knowledge ends around MGQ, but I might give some others a try, especially that SEQUEL thing and Paradox.

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This falls under free speech. Fuck them. Good post.

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If you don't want to be flooded with absolute degeneracy limiting porn is a good idea man.

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Isn’t this list of porn games absolute degeneracy?

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But separated from saidit by 2 links and actually having to play those games to actually get to any of the degeneracy. Which is more than enough, the worst scum is the one that just wants to be given their fap fuel on a silver platter, like reddit currently does things.

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Reddit and twitter both. They should address it. I can send you to a really fucked up site if you want.

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For the twatter is the most bizarre shit ever, because its a site where most powerful leaders of the world have "official" accounts on, corporations, as well as 14 year old jimmy, all surrounded by tons and tons of furry porn and other degeneracy. How did it came to be that you can reply to politicians with furry porn, all the while children are watching that go down? Really, this is some insane mess. That's ONE problem plebbit doesn't have: politicians making their public statements on that platform.