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They are talking about the impending nuclear war. It is one of those, “we should have seen it coming” things. Like when they look back at back to the future, and we see the twin towers, 9/11, upside down images of the falling towers, etc.

That movie was ALL about the impending nuclear war. It is popping off soon. There will be survivors. And this movie will be a conspiracy theory movie reference.

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Nuclear war? How? why?

I think it's far more likely that in the next few terms, the govt starts rounding people up or disappearing them and the blames it on the aliens they've conveniently begun to admit exist.

I can see night buses or trains to shower facilities in the high desert for individuals who don't go along with the narrative.

China or Russia have no need for nuclear war, they've already won without firing a shot. Most of the DNC are bought and paid for already, or are shagging Chinese spies. The RNC is in pretty deep with big business, who are ultimately controlled by DNC operatives, most of them are controlled opposition.

COVID displayed this in living color. The number of Republicans standing against COVID tyranny or vaccine tyranny is just a handful. There are NONE in the DNC who stand against any of it.

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This is spot on. You have an ability to see what is happening greater than 90% of all humans on the planet.

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It really is a tragedy.

What's worse are all of the people and "think tanks" who repeat the mantra that if we defeat COVID tyranny, things will get back to normal, just like if Donald Trump goes away, things get back to normal.

I'm not sure what's next. But I do know that even if the Republicans get elected, there will be no one tried, let alone convicted of treason. And under this premise, it seems the United States sponsored, and then unleashed a bioweapon..

At the very minimum, Hitler comparisons to both Trump and Biden are very apropos. Although, sleepy Joe cancelling monoclonal antibodies probably makes the closest comparison to Hitler, he's literally executing people, anyone who died with or from COVID and had treatment blocked, your family can thank the president directly.

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The amount of buzz this movie has on the internet doesn't seem organic at all. Just like Squid Games. Those two things got talked about 100x more buzz than anything else that came out during that time period, and it's not because they're that much better than the other stuff