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>tfw you realize 2013 is already 10 years ago.

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Of course. What, do you think I'm the president? A movie like that doesnt go out of date. It was based on a book by Sixsmith. It really happened. Today, I'm not sure if saidit is joking or not. You ever feel that way?

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I'm not saying it went out of date. I'm saying time goes by fast. 'Tfw' is jargon from 4chan and it means 'that feel when'. I miss 4chan culture so I'm trying to bring it here.

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Oh. A friend told me that time is going by faster now than ever before. (?!) The conversation was moving so fast I couldn't ask him to explain. Maybe something to do with CERN.

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The other day I encountered someone I hadn't seen in a while in the library. He said hi and as I was opening my mouth, suddenly he'd disappeared right in front of my eyes. I looked around, and almost everyone was gone. A librarian popped up and said it was closing time. I noticed that it was dark outside. Seven hours had passed. It was the weirdest thing.

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Now I know you're joking. I did NOT believe my friend when he said it (Time is speeding up.) but I wanted to ask him about it anyway. Your last message would be a good beginning for a SciFi story.

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I joke a lot. Although my top-level comment didn't contain a joke, I think there was miscommunication going on there.