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Minor bug I noticed: I notice if I open your link in a second tab, it overwrites the chat window in this tab, it changes from #MusicVideos[ae] to #ChattyKathys[ae], so both tabs show the same. Then if I refresh the /r/musicvideos page, they both change to #MusicVideos[ae].

It'd be cool if they could both be in their respective channels at the same time, and it just opens another tab on the blue bar on the left.

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Yeah the user experience gets interesting being logged in and wanting to change channels. What is the blue bar? I will think about this one. The chat client can join two channels, but if your second window selects the second channel, then the first window will too since it's all live.

We could have the chat client not close channels for sure, such that you collect chat channels as you visit different subs, and the user is expected to quit channels with the X button.

But I don't think the client will let you show 2 different channels at the same time, even if separate iframes.... it's all coded to have a single active channel and is part of their multi-client chatting feature where you can move from cell to desktop without missing a beat. I will do some testing.

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The blue bar on the left of the IRC chat window that lists what channels you're currently in, is what I meant. Sorry.

Leaving chat rooms open sounds fine. Perhaps when they close the browser, it leaves all the rooms. Although if that comes at the expense of losing the chat history, then I'd rather have the chat history personally.

My thinking is that if the chat is in the sidebar, you shouldn't need to mess around with selecting what channel, it should just always match the subreddit you're in, in that tab. But if the chat is in the comments, or in its own page, then the blue bar should be there on the left of the chat window so people can select their channels.

That's kind of what I'm thinking, but you flesh it out however you feel works best, because there's still a lot of possible ways to do this and I don't know what's easiest from a coding perspective.

If it just changes really fast when you change tabs that'd be fine too. Whatever way you find that smooths out the problem is fine by me. Good luck with the testing

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Ahh I see, I guess it is blue.

Did some testing, it looks like you can chat in two different channels at once in two different browser tabs, but on reload you are put back in the last active channel. So effectively, you can only be in/viewing one channel at a time if you want to be the same chat user.

Also the blue channel list bar is always there... it's just collapsed/hidden if the window is small enough, but the hamburger menu opens it.

I like where you are heading with these use cases. I will do some more thinking and come up with something. I don't think we can make every use case perfect, and we don't want to modify the chat client so much that it can't be upgraded.

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Good points. I'm sure we'll figure something out.

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Updated chat is live!

  1. Your two tab use case is fixed... in the first tab you will see that you joined a new channel, it will pop onto the blue bar channel list, but you will not switch to it. (This will be essential for having sidebar chat, and then a summoned chat in a comment, so you called this one.)

  2. The chat widget now mostly smoothly handles login and logout. Before it would throw a fit and you got stuck as a guest. So this is a new user use case that needed to work, now it does.

Sidebar chat soon! I think i'll keep the code around for the chat in a post thing we have now, just in case, maybe like a megathread chat.

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Fantastic work! I was worried we'd never resolve #1, that's a pretty big deal. I'm super happy to see it work so flawlessly now. Nice job with the second one as well.

Definitely leave the main chat code for now, good idea. I might be wrong, but it'd be cool if we could just expand the "chat_post_enable" command work in posts that aren't announcements, and then also in comments that aren't posts. Perhaps renaming the command to something more general like "live_chat_enable" if possible.

We can have both sidebar and post/comment chat available simultaneously and then get rid of one as people see fit. Or maybe the sidebar chat could be an option to enable in the subreddit settings, eventually.

Anyway, great work! Things are progressing nicely

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sudo certbot certonly --manual -d -d