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Good list / write-up. It was deliberate that /s/aplusplusplus doesn't have capitals. It looks slightly absurd and requires just a bit of effort to decode; this has a comedic effect. But I'm planning to use it for serious content. Yes, I want to collect the A+++ content there. It'd be nice if a bot could automatically detect when someone makes a top-level comment saying "A+++" anywhere, and then x-post it in that sub. I was going to ask if there were bots on Saidit, but then I realized that Americans believe a lot of things that one is to be cynical about. But anyway, yeah. It could be Saidit's first officially sanctioned bot, if it were made.

I must say, I prefer some degree of aggregation of subs. Why not use /s/DiscoverSaidit for posts like these? It's exactly what that sub is meant for.

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Maybe you want /s/aplusplusplus to be for c0M3d1C c0N73Nt or something, but it wouldn't have been my choice. Regardless, I'm glad it exists.

Great idea for an A+++Bot! I'd recommend making a request post in /s/SaidItBots. /u/diogenesjunior might have helped you but he deleted all his content like a child and was banned, in that order or not - including from that sub.

There are definitely bots here, some very obvious when you see the patterns. I've suggested site-wide rules for ethical bots (with grandfathering exceptions for extant bots). Doesn't mean all bots will obey, but that justifies deleting them. These rules would include things like 1) All bot users accounts must make themselves be known by including "bot" in their name, or 2) Subs should declare if they are bots-only, no-bots, limited bots allowed (with a wiki white list), and any bots allowed, 3) etc.

Yes, actually you're quite correct! /s/DiscoverSaidIt would have been more appropriate. First time I looked. /s/Race_DivisionByElites was even in there. I feel like a lot of people could have been posting better (rather than just all in /s/politics) if we'd had organized the subs years ago. I feel that a lot of my subs were under utilized.

I should post some of my compilation lists of related subs (some are even in this OP) in /s/DiscoverSaidit.

This OP was originally for Part 2, proposing "Critically Absent Potential New Subs". In my Volume 1 post I also criticized the naming of this /s/NewSaidits/ and how it defeated the idea of having a place to discuss before we create subs. Many of my subs might have had better names if I'd gotten feedback. Anyway, over yesterday and today working on Part 2 (before I divided them) I realized I should make what became Part 1 to bring attention to these subs and also maybe build anticipation for the next one. Unfortunately the front page is all sockpuppet chaos, including some of my own posts to my chagrin. Fortunately there's no expiry on these ideas and I'll keep reminding folks there are posts to go through if they missed them.

I'm starting to wonder if I should have just made them as wiki pages like my old Subsaidit Contenders wish list because at least with the wiki all the "#Titles" are indexed at the top and folks could just glimpse the proposed names rather than scrolling down my verbose explainations.

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I'm planning to use it for A+++ content as you described above. I just wanted the title to look funny. Anyway, it matters very little. Anyone can link it as /s/APlusPlusPlus, and in the titlebar it shows up as "A+++". So only the sidebar on the sub itself is affected. Also, you can consider it equally your own sub, I've invited you to moderate it (as well as /s/DiscoverSaidit).

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Yep. Yep. And Yep. Thanks for the invites. I was never much of a mod. I just liked to make banners, a few CSS themes, and to include lots of information for folks in the sidebox. If inspired I'll accept the invite to do some of that, obviously open to be tweaked by you and other mods (maybe d3rr might help you with A+++ and A++). Until then, unless ever retracted, I'll just let the invite sit and not accept nor decline. Thanks again!

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Oi; no /s/VigtesSickofThisShit/ ?

Critically under-represented and I'm going to need to demand equality of outcome!

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That's hardly "new" - but it's welcome in /s/DiscoverSaidit.

I did post there 3 months ago.

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Awww, thank you :)

I was mainly kidding though lol.

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I'm not sure how I wasn't notified about the username mention, but thanks for the shout-out I guess. I did, however, see the notification that you subscribed to my YouTube channel, lol.

Btw, I might mod /s/VotingReform/ if needed.

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I recently learned that using /u/usernames in posts doesn't ping people - only up to 3 in comments.

I hope you don't mind my limited "review". I haven't delved in to your content yet. It was a last minute spontaneous addition. I doubt I'll be disappointed when I actually take the time.

Feel free to mod /s/VotingReform. Maybe you know an admin to help with that. I was really hoping the issue would be raised more with all the obvious nonsense this year. I only know of a few proposed solutions even being discussed out there (ie. ranked-choice voting, open-source apps, blockchain, etc) but none are being promoted widely. I'd rather have people vote on issues rather than puppets (ie. no war, healthcare, etc), but they will never allow that.

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I recently learned that using /u/usernames in posts doesn't ping people - only up to 3 in comments.

That's a major issue, in my opinion. u/d3rr u/magnora7

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It's not a major issue if you know about it. Feel free to add it to the wiki FAQ, linked at the bottom of all pages.